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The Feet Up Range



The Feet Up Range has everything we need to leave our feet feeling great. The range consists of sprays, creams, masks, soaks, scrubs, serums, gels, lotions and powders.

Soaks are a perfect way to relieve tired feet while cleansing the skin and preparing it for exfoliation. Scrubs remove dead skin cells and hydrate tired feet. Creams nourish, help to smooth the skin and improve the condition of the feet. Sprays deodorise to leave the feet odour-free and refreshed. Powders deodorise and keep feet fresher for longer. Masks hydrate, soothe and energise achy, tired feet and leave the skin feeling renewed. Serums prevent the build-up of hard, calloused skin, while moisturising, nourishing and conditioning for softer, smoother skin. Gels refresh and tone the feet. Lotions hydrate, improve softness and smoothness, improve moisture and help to strengthen the skin barrier.


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Mask the Skin with Care

To reveal our skins true radiance, we need to use a mask once a week or whenever needed.

Masks work in many ways. When used regularly, they clear, purify and reduce breakouts for oily skin. Refresh and hydrate dull and tired skin. Sooth and nourish unbalanced skin. Draw out dirt and oil from blackhead prone skin. Help dry skin feel soft and supple. Hydrate and invigorate combination skin and keep our skin healthy overall.

A mask should be applied after exfoliating for best results. Once all the dead skin cells have been removed, it can then get to work treating the skin with what it needs.

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Masks come in a clay, cream, gel, cloth or peel and contain a wide range of ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, shea butter, peppermint and vitamin C. They can be applied with clean fingertips or a spatula, and rinsed off with lukewarm water.
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