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The Art of Exfoliation

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Is exfoliating a necessary part of our skincare routine? The answer is, yes. To bring out the real beauty and radiance of our skin, we need to exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells from the surface to reveal the new.

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We need to use exfoliators that are kind to the environment. Microbeads in scrub products add to the plastic waste in our oceans. The alternatives are natural ingredients. Examples are poppy seeds, almond shells, olive stones and salt. These alternatives do not harm the environment and keep our planet beautiful.

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So, if our skin is looking or feeling a little dull, we can brighten our complexion with a variety of products. Scrubs can be used anywhere; face, feet, body and even cuticles. The correct scrub is required on the appropriate part of the body, for example, a body scrub must only be used on the body. The reason is, body scrubs are too harsh to be used on the face, so a more gentle scrub is required.

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For the best results, we should choose the right scrub for our skin. Use it once to twice a week or whenever we need to smooth our complexion, clear blackheads or bring out the natural radiance of our skin.


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Scrubs do not just come in the form of cream; they can be a soap, a glove, a sponge or a mitt.



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