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The ONE Bi-phase Nail & Cuticle Oil

nailoilNail care to a new level with The ONE Bi-Phase Nail and Cuticle Oil. Experience the caring benefits of nourishing Argan Oil and fresh, hydrating Cucumber water. It improves the look and feel of the nails and cuticles with instant results!

Just brush it on the nails and massage it into the cuticle area.



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S8 Night Eau de Toilette

fragrance 1S stands for Stockholm for urban, modern bottle design. Eight stands for the eight stylish fragrance notes, including classy vetiver, manly tobacco flower, sexy suede, hot liquorice and praline and addictive vanilla. This scent is warm, sensual and aromatic, a scent of masculinity.
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Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm


Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm softens dry and rough areas; lips, cuticles, hands, elbows, heels and knees, and helps prevent moisture loss. It has a sweet and tempting blackcurrant flavour.

Apply as needed to lips or as a moisturiser on dry and roughened skin areas such as elbows, heels and knees. This balm can also be used as a cuticle cream.
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The Discover Range



Discover Miami Spirit has the aroma of cornelian cherry flowers and lychee fruits.


Discover the serenity of a traditional Japanese garden with Discover Japanese Ceremony. Infused with the fresh, clean scent of Tsubaki and White Tea.


Discover Icelandic Purity has a revitalising aquatic and Juniper scent.

japanese wisdomDiscover Japanese Wisdom for men has the scent of Hinoki wood and Yuzu.


Discover Tanzanian Grace has the fresh fragrance of Moringa and Baobab.


Discover Cuban Rhythms has the scent of Coffee beans and Sugar.


Discover Tuscan Sunset with the subtle scent of the vibrant Tuscan grape.
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Essense & Co. Lemon & Verbena Body Wash

wash 1This hydrating body wash contains natural essential oils. It is gentle enough to use every day. This moisture-rich body wash produces a rich, creamy lather that leaves skin conditioned, soft and beautifully scented with refreshing citrus of Lemon and Verbena. Dermatologically tested. Also available in a liquid hand soap.






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The Feet Up Range



The Feet Up Range has everything we need to leave our feet feeling great. The range consists of sprays, creams, masks, soaks, scrubs, serums, gels, lotions and powders.

Soaks are a perfect way to relieve tired feet while cleansing the skin and preparing it for exfoliation. Scrubs remove dead skin cells and hydrate tired feet. Creams nourish, help to smooth the skin and improve the condition of the feet. Sprays deodorise to leave the feet odour-free and refreshed. Powders deodorise and keep feet fresher for longer. Masks hydrate, soothe and energise achy, tired feet and leave the skin feeling renewed. Serums prevent the build-up of hard, calloused skin, while moisturising, nourishing and conditioning for softer, smoother skin. Gels refresh and tone the feet. Lotions hydrate, improve softness and smoothness, improve moisture and help to strengthen the skin barrier.