Live Video Update

Sorry everyone,

Here is the updated video. I am not sure if everyone can see the Facebook Live Video I recorded on my last post.


My First Live Video in a While

Hi everyone,

My first live video since starting my new business venture. A bit rusty, but will get back into it ;D. I hope you all enjoy. Click below.

Live Video

My Beauty Store


Nail Care and Colour

Caring for our nails is vital, so they look and feel great. Adding a splash of colour with nail polish completes our look. Match with our outfit, express ourselves in different ways and be creative.

Treat dry or brittle nails with a nail serum. Revitalise, condition and moisturise to prevent breakage.Ā Strengthen the nails with a nail hardener, a growth booster or a nail shield to protect against splitting and peeling.

Keep nails in perfect condition with a regular manicure and pedicure. Keep them clean and looking at their best using a nail brush. It removes dirt from under the fingernails and keeps them smooth. Use a cuticle nipper to keep cuticles tidy or a manicure stick to push cuticles back and clean around the nail. Use a nail file to shape and smooth the nails then a buffer to add shine.

Start with a base coat to prepare and protect the nails that maximises adhesion and minimises staining, or wear on its own for a glossy natural look. Choose chip and fade resistant nail polish to keep colour vibrant and nails looking fantastic. Protect and add shine with a sturdy top coat that contains UV protection. Use pedicure toe separators to paint the toenails with ease. If choosing not to colour the nails, refresh white tips with a white tip manicure pencil.

Bored with the colour? Remove the nail polish using a cotton pad and a remover with moisturising ingredients, choose a new colour, reapply and have fun!