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I have not put up a personal development post for a while so, here it is.

Something I find interesting that comes up in human relationships is accusations. A person will regularly accuse their partner, friend or relative of a particular type of behaviour such as lying, cheating, judging, etc. This behaviour not only affects relationships but it demeans the person at the receiving end.

In my experience, I have noticed that the person who is always accusing another is guilty of the act themselves. I suppose this type of behaviour is in their mind because they are guilty of committing it and they project it onto others. Why else would they think about it constantly? It perhaps makes them feel better about themselves, they are insecure or overthinking?

I feel the best way to deal with this is not to react. They can deal with it on their own. We can say we have not done it until we are blue in the face but this will probably not work because they will not listen. Another way is to have a good talk about what is going on in the relationship and ask them why they feel we are guilty of a particular behaviour. We need to ask ourselves if we are in the right relationship. They need to be able to trust the people they are with, or the relationship will be destructive over time. They need to have proof before they can accuse. For a relationship to function and survive, there needs to be dignity.


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A Little Hope

We all need a little hope for situations that make us nervous. Whether it is a speech, an exam or a competition, having an optimistic view of how things will work out gives us feelings of trust, confidence and that success is possible.

A little hope helps us survive difficulties. Without hope, people would not survive wars, natural disasters and family problems. Having the correct mindset helps us to overcome difficult situations.

A little hope prevents procrastination. If we expect things are going to work out, we will make an effort to find solutions and take action. We will work to our full potential because we feel things will turn out for the best.

Everyone needs a little hope.




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