16 Steps Towards Personal Growth

16 Steps Towards Personal Growth

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A Letter to Myself

Photo By Louise MacPherson

Dear Louise,

There are a few things I would like you to know to improve your life.

First of all, I would like you to realise that your autistic son will be well supported and cared for. If you think how far he has come. He will have a bright future and every challenge that he comes across, he will be supported through it. He will stay safe because of the wonderful care he is getting.

Your daughter will grow up to be a wonderful woman. Give her all the support she needs with her dreams and educate her. As well as support at school, teach her how to take care of herself, fulfill her dreams and how to live a happy life. Most of all, teach her to be herself.

I want to tell you to forgive all those who have harmed you. You will suffer from bad experiences and treatment from others. When people are nasty, it is usually issues with themselves and their own problems, you are just someone to take it out on.

Keep motivating yourself each day. Fill your mind with positivity so your mind stays healthy and focused.

Set goals. Not just work goals but relationship goals. Work goals are what you want to achieve in your business. Relationship goals are how you treat people around you, where you want your relationships to go and spending time with the people you love. Also, set goals for things you want to have and what you need.

Spend a little time each day doing something you love. It can be as little as a short walk or a cup of tea in a cafe with your favourite cake.

Learn that you are responsible for your own happiness and thoughts. You are completely in control of your life and if something does not work, change it. You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. Let them deal with their own feelings.

Do things that you want today, there might not be a tomorrow. You don’t know how much longer you will be here.

Be kind and courteous to others. You want to keep your surroundings positive and have friends to count on. Make an effort with your friends and keep in touch, even if it only means a text message or phone call. Let them know you are thinking about them.

Do not worry unnecessarily about things. Your life will take care of itself. Worrying does not change things. Only you have the power to change things that you can change. If it can’t be changed, accept it. Things we worry about do not usually happen so deal with problems as they arise.

Be true to yourself and be kind to yourself. If something is, it is. Don’t let people take advantage of you, be fair to them and also be fair to yourself.

Always be yourself. Do not change for anyone. People have to accept you for who you are. Happiness comes from being yourself and not having to meet other people’s expectations.

Create lots of happy memories so you can look back. Keep a photo album of memories so it is easier to remember them.

Life is a rocky road so keep moving forward and things will work out fine. You will be strong enough to deal with problems and you will be able to maintain a positive outlook. Remember the Law of Attraction.

Work Ethic

Photo by Louise MacPherson

When I think what makes us successful in anything we do, I feel we have to have a good work ethic. Having the discipline to stay focused and keep a regular work schedule can be difficult, however, there are ways to help.

Do a little bit at a time. Taking time out each day to work on what we want to achieve is a great way to stay focused. Having short intervals of productive work is better than a long spell achieving very little.

Keep a diary. Keeping a diary with specific times when we wish to work is a good way to organise our day. Writing down plans for the day ahead means we are more likely to stick to it. We also know when we are going to do each task.

Do something each day. Work on a task each day as it keeps the momentum going. If we sit back one day, it makes it difficult for us to get back into the swing of things.

To not let distractions affect us. When something happens we should not let this throw us off track. Following our routine regardless of how things are that day keeps our momentum going.

Keep the belief that we will succeed. When we keep believing in ourselves, it keeps the correct mindset to work towards what we want. If we do not believe that we will succeed, we will not work towards our goals.

Plan ahead. When we plan, we know exactly what tasks to do and when. If we do not plan, we risk missing out important tasks for that day.

The Steps To Success

Photo by Louise MacPherson (Dec 2017)


What do we want out of life? What are our goals? Having the urge to do something will help us decide and start to work towards what we want. Creating positive feelings helps us start the road towards our achievements. Feelings are the first step.


Motivate ourselves into working towards our achievements and dreams. Having a reason to work towards goals and planning how to start achieving them. Planning is the second step.


Taking action in order to achieve is essential to success and getting results. Not only taking action but taking the right action to get the right results. Success depends on how much we put into what we want. We will not achieve anything until we act. Action is the third step.


Success is when we have taken the above steps and achieved what we want. This is the final step, a great feeling of accomplishment and we can reap our rewards.

How Far Do We Want To Go?

Photo credit: stilllearninghowtofly – W W Tribe Psychiatrist via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

What are goals?  What is their purpose?  What do we want for the future?

Goals are achievements that keep us on track to focus and motivate in whatever we are doing. They come in many forms such as buying a new car, a new house, or a holiday destination we have longed to visit.

Having goals builds confidence. They can be short term or long term. Short term goals are a good starting point for building up towards achieving long term goals. When we reach our goal it gives a great sense of achievement that we have accomplished something wonderful in our life. Our skills and abilities are improved and our dream becomes a reality. If we do not have any goals in life, we will amble along with no targets, focus or direction.

When setting our goals, we must ask ourselves the reason why we want these goals, so we must be specific. Think of how many goals we want to set and how much time and money we need to achieve them. We need to think if we are able to achieve them and most of all it has to be our goal and something we really want. When we have thought about what we want, we must set a time on when to complete the goal.

We have to truly believe in our goals, so the best way is to make a list and pick 3. Write a detailed paragraph describing it in detail. We can even include the sounds and smells to make it more real. This could be if we want a house by the sea, we could include the smell of the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. We can also map out how we are going to achieve the goal. This can be a plan consisting of the activities needed so it can be accomplished.

Finally, anticipate any problems and how we are going to overcome them. We need to keep focused and driven towards our goals by asking if we need help and make any changes we need to keep moving forward.

It is very important to SET OUR GOALS!

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