Illuminating Pearls


Illuminate the face with these illuminating pearls. Accentuating and refreshing the complexion. Creates a shimmer and can be used as a highlighter to enhance the cheekbones, neck and décolleté.


Powder Power!

When powder is applied to the face on top of foundation, it mattifies the skin leaving a beautiful, flawless finish. Powder benefits different types of skin in different ways; reducing the appearance of fine lines, anti-shine for oily skin, illuminating, reducing imperfections and delivering moisture.

powder 1

Powder comes pressed or loose. Apply with a powder brush or pad using gentle, short strokes all over the face concentrating on the T-Zone. Blend carefully around the jaw and hairline for a seamless finish. It can also be used to add radiance to the décolleté.

powder 2

Choose the shade that closely matches skin tone.

powder 3

Bronze and Blush

A great way to keep the skin looking sun-kissed all year round and give a healthy glow is to use a bronzer and a blusher. A blusher is used to accentuate the cheekbones, while a bronzer can be used all over the face, neck and even shoulders.


They come in a variety of shades to suit each skin tone. Apply with a blusher brush. When using a bronzer, sweep over the face starting from the centre and working outwards and use the blusher to define the cheekbones.

Contour and Highlight

If we want that extra glow, emphasise facial features and sculpt the face, we need to add contouring and highlighting to our make-up routine. Our complexion will look sun-kissed and illuminated as well as accentuating bone structure and to slim down the face and nose.

For best results pick the correct colour to match skin tone. They come in a powder, cream or stick.

highlight 1

Nail Care and Colour

Caring for our nails is vital, so they look and feel great. Adding a splash of colour with nail polish completes our look. Match with our outfit, express ourselves in different ways and be creative.

Treat dry or brittle nails with a nail serum. Revitalise, condition and moisturise to prevent breakage. Strengthen the nails with a nail hardener, a growth booster or a nail shield to protect against splitting and peeling.

Keep nails in perfect condition with a regular manicure and pedicure. Keep them clean and looking at their best using a nail brush. It removes dirt from under the fingernails and keeps them smooth. Use a cuticle nipper to keep cuticles tidy or a manicure stick to push cuticles back and clean around the nail. Use a nail file to shape and smooth the nails then a buffer to add shine.

Start with a base coat to prepare and protect the nails that maximises adhesion and minimises staining, or wear on its own for a glossy natural look. Choose chip and fade resistant nail polish to keep colour vibrant and nails looking fantastic. Protect and add shine with a sturdy top coat that contains UV protection. Use pedicure toe separators to paint the toenails with ease. If choosing not to colour the nails, refresh white tips with a white tip manicure pencil.

Bored with the colour? Remove the nail polish using a cotton pad and a remover with moisturising ingredients, choose a new colour, reapply and have fun!


Primer Perfection

Using a primer before applying foundation makes an enormous difference to the final result. A primer perfects and illuminates the skin for a youthful-looking appearance.

A primer can be worn on its own to smooth the surface of the skin as well as under foundation. It will minimise pores, absorb excess oil and keep make-up in place, even in humid conditions. The skin tone will appear smoother and will have a healthy glow.





Corrective Concealer

A little essential to our make-up routine that makes our skin extra flawless is the concealer. It hides dark circles and blemishes as well as soothing and nourishing. It conceals fine lines to refresh and illuminate, so our skin is left looking at its best.

Using a concealer to match our skin type gives the best results. Oily skin requires an antibacterial oil to prevent breakouts and for a more youthful look a concealer that has anti-ageing properties.

They come in a stick, cream, pen and powder. It must be applied under foundation for ease of blending to get the best results, and we need to choose a concealer that matches our skin tone.


Fabulous Foundation!

How we look makes an enormous difference to how we feel. Make-up should enhance our natural beauty and be made of natural ingredients. Foundation is the base of our make-up which covers flaws, evens skin tone and brightens dull skin.

foundation 1

If we are out and about in the sun during the day, choose a foundation with the right amount of SPF to protect our skin from those harmful UV rays. It provides reassurance that our skin is protected from premature ageing.

foundation 3

We must choose the right amount of coverage needed to give the flawless finish that we require. A light, medium and full coverage are for different skin types. Light coverage foundation is for flawless skin to add that little something extra and even out the skin tone. Medium coverage for a more blemished skin that does get an occasional pimple. Finally, full coverage for a very blemished skin.

foundation 4

Using the correct foundation for our skin type provides balance. If we have oily skin, we need to use a foundation to prevent breakouts. For dry skin, we need a foundation that ensures our skin gets the hydration it needs.

foundation 6