Personal development improves the way we look at life. It helps us cope with problems, accept our fate, find solutions … More


You are what you feed your mind. ~Louise MacPherson


Education is freedom, without it, we cannot choose how we live our lives. ~Louise MacPherson

Quotes for Success

Success is doing what you want each day, spending your time happy in every way. -Louise MacPherson

Relationships Quote

Love and relationships change, they never stay the same. It is a good sign because they need to develop and … More

Quotes for Women

Women are the backbone of society. Some gentle, some strong, some wild, all true. – Louise MacPherson

What is love?

Photo by Louise MacPherson Love is sharing, with boundaries. Love is giving, with sincerity. Love is time, with quality. Love … More

A Letter to Myself

Photo By Louise MacPherson Dear Louise, There are a few things I would like you to know to improve your … More