My New Store

Welcome to my new Avon store. Feel free to browse for your favourite products at fantastic prices. Shop for your … More


For something to be heard and understood, someone needs to listen. ~Louise MacPherson


Keep strong through the difficult times. Keep a positive frame of mind. Keep learning each day. Keep creating happy memories. … More


Personal development improves the way we look at life. It helps us cope with problems, accept our fate, find solutions … More

My New Good Habits

I have decided to start walking more and using the car less because it not only saves money but helps … More

Make-Up Quote

Make-up is not just about looking good, it is artistry and having fun. We enjoy creating different looks and emphasising … More

The Secret to Longevity

  What is the secret to a long, healthy and happy life? There is a simple¬†routine that we can follow … More


You are what you feed your mind. ~Louise MacPherson