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The Hair Brush Collection


brush 1

The Styler 3D Curl Brush is for medium to long hair. It is a fast detangler, volume maker and curly hairstyles creator. You can make inner curls, loose waves and bob hairstyles in minutes. It makes drying quick and reduces damage to the hair.





brush 2

The Styler Teasing Brush is for adding volume to the hair as well as teasing and smoothing. It is designed to help in the process of teasing or backcombing.





brush 3

The 3-in-1 Detangling Hair Brush is excellent for detangling hair. It also contains a mirror which doubles as a handle, as well as a handy transparent compartment for small essentials.



brush 4

The Styler Small Round Brush is for curling or straightening. Designed with a small barrel to make blowouts, straightening and soft natural-looking waves on short hair. When using the brush on longer hair, it can set beautiful layers.






brush 5

The Cushion Brush is perfect for detangling the hair without pulling or damaging. A multi-purpose brush with soft bristle tips that stimulate scalp while brushing.





brush 6

The Round Brush adds curl, curve and volume to the hair, as well as straightening wavy or curly hair types.






brush 7

The Styler Big Round Brush is for curling or straightening medium to long hair. It is designed with a large barrel for long hair to create the perfect blowouts.







brush 8

The Styler Wide Tooth Comb is for detangling wet hair and applying hair masks. It allows for delicate handling of damp hair, which is fragile and more prone to damage.



brush 9

The Styler Medium Round Brush is for a faster blowout and creating lush curls. It is a metal brush designed to retain the heat to allow for a quick blow-dry when creating a blowout or straightening the hair.







brush 10

The Styler Cushion Brush is for detangling, drying and conforms to the shape of your scalp. The ball-tipped bristles are designed for use on delicate hair that needs gentle detangling and styling.






brush 11

The Styler Vent Brush is for detangling and blow-drying. It has wide-set bristles and holes in the base of the brush. The opening allows the air from the dryer to circulate when blow-drying at the same time as detangling.






brush 12

The Wooden Detangling Comb has two different widths between the teeth, designed for both curly and straight hair. The wide teeth ensure that you can easily detangle your hair, while the narrow teeth offer a sleek and smooth finish.


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