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Caring Hand Wash, Scrub and Cream


Caring for the skin on the hands is as important as the face and body. We need something to hydrate, condition and soften. Dry, tired hands are misery and cracked skin is painful. We use our hands all the time, so they need a bit of tender loving care.

Using a hand wash that is gentle and prevents our skin from drying out is a great start. A PH balanced formula, olive oil, aloe vera, honey or essential oils are an excellent choice to keep the hands in fantastic condition. Using a hand scrub to smooth away rough and dull skin to leave the skin moisturised, soft and smooth prepares for a better hand cream application. A hand cream protects, softens, hydrates and nourishes. It can be used whenever needed and is best applied at night before bed so the cream can soak into the skin overnight. Also using a pair of moisturising gloves locks in more moisture.

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