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Shampoo and Condition

A shampoo and conditioner have to treat each different type of hair. Dry hair needs nourishment and to combat dryness, excess oil has to be removed from oily hair, normal hair has to be cleansed and hydrated while restoring shine.

Other treatments include; volumising, colour protect, vitality and fullness, repairing, balancing, anti-dandruff, frizz control, purifying, flaky scalp, and gloss and moisture.

When the hair has been shampooed, conditioner must be applied to the hair when still wet, then rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Shampoo and conditioner can be bought separately or in a 2 in 1. Between washes, the hair can be sprayed with a dry shampoo to absorb oil and refresh the hair.


When the hair is in need of an extra boost, it can be treated with a hair mask or oil which can be applied and then rinsed or a leave-in treatment.

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