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Everlasting Make-Up Setting Mist

setting spray

Do you find your make-up needs to be re-applied as the day wears on? The ONE Everlasting Make-Up Setting Mist is a weightless and transparent high-performance setting mist that protects make-up and seals it instantly into place for up to eight hours, even in sweaty and humid conditions. It releases mist with a dry finish that helps to condition the skin. No need for touch-ups throughout the day, just radiant confidence and an all-day flawless make-up look.

Once make-up is applied, hold the setting mist 8–10 inches away from the face and close the eyes. Spray the face a few times repeating an “X” formation while keeping the eyes closed. The mist will be invisible to the eye, but once set, it holds all day. For oily skin, apply with a “T” formation to provide an extra locking effect. To prevent irritation, do not spray into the eyes or spray with the eyes open.
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