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Turn Back Time for Mature Skin

Time Restore day and night cream are nourishing and comforting care for mature skin. It makes the skin feel denser, defined and supple, reduces age spots and deep wrinkles.

The day cream is designed to protect the skin from daytime aggressors and the night cream restores, replenishes and locks in moisture.

To apply the cream, add five pea-sized dots of cream on the forehead, each cheek, the nose and chin. Gently pat or lightly massage with fingertips until the cream is thoroughly absorbed all over the face avoiding the eye area.

Cream offers

The Complete set is also available:

NovAge Smoothing Cleansing Milk, NovAge Skin Softening Toning Lotion, NovAge Time Restore Eye & Lip Cream, NovAge Time Restore Revitalising Serum, NovAge Time Restore Multi Correcting Day Cream SPF 15 and NovAge Time Restore Regenerative Night Cream.

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