Happy New Year

Photo by Louise MacPherson

Happy New Year to everyone on WordPress. Have a wonderful and creative 2018 ❤️.


Tough Times Have Made Me Stronger

Photo by Louise MacPherson

I have faced fear,

I have cried,

I have endured,

I have coped,

I have solved problems,

I have learned,

I have triumphed,

I am strong.

MacPherson, Louise (2017)

Work Ethic

Photo by Louise MacPherson

When I think what makes us successful in anything we do, I feel we have to have a good work ethic. Having the discipline to stay focused and keep a regular work schedule can be difficult, however, there are ways to help.

Do a little bit at a time. Taking time out each day to work on what we want to achieve is a great way to stay focused. Having short intervals of productive work is better than a long spell achieving very little.

Keep a diary. Keeping a diary with specific times when we wish to work is a good way to organise our day. Writing down plans for the day ahead means we are more likely to stick to it. We also know when we are going to do each task.

Do something each day. Work on a task each day as it keeps the momentum going. If we sit back one day, it makes it difficult for us to get back into the swing of things.

To not let distractions affect us. When something happens we should not let this throw us off track. Following our routine regardless of how things are that day keeps our momentum going.

Keep the belief that we will succeed. When we keep believing in ourselves, it keeps the correct mindset to work towards what we want. If we do not believe that we will succeed, we will not work towards our goals.

Plan ahead. When we plan, we know exactly what tasks to do and when. If we do not plan, we risk missing out important tasks for that day.

The Steps To Success

Photo by Louise MacPherson (Dec 2017)


What do we want out of life? What are our goals? Having the urge to do something will help us decide and start to work towards what we want. Creating positive feelings helps us start the road towards our achievements. Feelings are the first step.


Motivate ourselves into working towards our achievements and dreams. Having a reason to work towards goals and planning how to start achieving them. Planning is the second step.


Taking action in order to achieve is essential to success and getting results. Not only taking action but taking the right action to get the right results. Success depends on how much we put into what we want. We will not achieve anything until we act. Action is the third step.


Success is when we have taken the above steps and achieved what we want. This is the final step, a great feeling of accomplishment and we can reap our rewards.


Live life to the full.

Love what you do.

Liberate your mind.


Live your life every day as if it is your last. Do something each day you enjoy no matter how small. Take time for yourself.

Love the work that you do. Work towards the career that makes you happy. Work on your relationships with others.

Feed your mind with positivity. Let go of the past and look to the future. Appreciate the people in your life.

Treating People As Individuals

Photo via Foter.com

Being treated as an individual is something that is important to us all. We all want to be treated as though our wants and needs are important. Individuality means we all have our own thoughts, feelings, and opinions so the actions we take through life are the result of our own choices.

Treating people as individuals encourage us to have relationships with everyone around us without judgement. This way we will not miss out on a relationship that we could benefit from greatly. Great friendships can come from relationships with different kinds of people from all walks of life. We could really learn from each other and share our opinions. When we judge we never get the chance to know other people. We never learn what they are really like and who they are as a person.

It is everyone’s right to be treated as an individual in a fair and just society. It is a more interesting world when we are treated as individuals because we can contribute in our own way by recognising and using our skills and gifts. It gives us our own identity and we can find our own place. We need different kinds of people for different roles in society. Being an individual allows us to express ourselves. When we are really good at something, we can use it and be recognised for it.

When we are treated as an individual, our happiness will be higher, we will feel more confident and it is giving us respect. Being ourselves creates unity as well as preventing discrimination and division because we learn that being authentic is a beneficial part of society. After all, it feels good when we are allowed to be ourselves.