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Tough Times Have Made Me Stronger

Photo by Louise MacPherson

I have faced fear,

I have cried,

I have endured,

I have coped,

I have solved problems,

I have learned,

I have triumphed,

I am strong.

MacPherson, Louise (2017)

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The Steps To Success

Photo by Louise MacPherson (Dec 2017)


What do we want out of life? What are our goals? Having the urge to do something will help us decide and start to work towards what we want. Creating positive feelings helps us start the road towards our achievements. Feelings are the first step.


Motivate ourselves into working towards our achievements and dreams. Having a reason to work towards goals and planning how to start achieving them. Planning is the second step.


Taking action in order to achieve is essential to success and getting results. Not only taking action but taking the right action to get the right results. Success depends on how much we put into what we want. We will not achieve anything until we act. Action is the third step.


Success is when we have taken the above steps and achieved what we want. This is the final step, a great feeling of accomplishment and we can reap our rewards.

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Rise Above

If they can’t say anything that will help you grow:

Recognise negativity,


Stay positive,

End the conversation,

Accept who you are,

Believe in what you want,

Observe your own thoughts,

Visualise your dreams,

Embrace your future.

~Louise MacPherson

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