How Gratitude Changes Our Lives

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful way of changing the way we view life. When we are grateful, we focus on the good in our lives and not the bad. Gratitude is a positive emotion and we focus on being appreciative of others and are more likely to return the kindness. We are more likely to be happy when we are grateful. It makes our relationships stronger and we are less likely to complain about our lives. Showing gratitude helps us accept life as it is.

Ways we can show gratitude:

  • Saying a simple ‘thank you’ when a good turn is done to us by someone else.
  • Waking up every morning and writing down things that make us feel grateful.
  • Sending a gift or buy someone dinner.
  • Give a compliment and tell how much you appreciate a person.
  • Offer to help with doing a task that someone does not like or needs help with.
  • Listen if someone is having problems.
  • Not to be too hard on ourselves.
  • Do something we really enjoy as a treat once in a while.
  • Showing gratitude for material things as well as people so we appreciate what we have achieved.

Showing gratitude is not just about showing it to others but about being kind to ourselves and appreciating our achievements.

Photo credit: eekim via / CC BY

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