Put Energy Into Something Positive

Photo via Foter.com

I think we are all guilty of using our energy in negative ways. However, using our energy in a positive way benefits us for a variety of reasons. Using energy positively can come in the form of playing sports, reading a book, yoga, keeping a gratitude journal, writing, learning a musical instrument or learning a new skill.

  • Keeping busy helps us deal with stress. When we are busy we do not focus on our problems. When we are not focusing on our problems we are not going to worry about them.
  • We do not waste our own valuable time if we are using our energy in a positive way. We only have a certain amount of time in the day. Once the time is gone, it is gone.
  • We can focus on creating something and getting results. This gives us a feeling of satisfaction.
  • It keeps a positive frame of mind. This is great for success and life is a lot easier to deal with.

Overall, if we put our energy into something positive we are more likely to be stronger for dealing with the daily obstacles of life, have belief in ourselves, boost our self-esteem and confidence, find solutions and be inspired to be more creative. This will benefit our health, well-being and increase our chances of success.


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