Choice of Words

During my journey of personal development, I have learned how much the choice of words used influences the way we think.

Photo credit: Cat Sidh via / CC BY-NC-SA

We grow up with negativity around us. As children, we have negative words constantly thrown at us, ‘do not do that’, ‘that is wrong’ and ‘no’. We are also bombarded with this in the media. We are unaware of how much we are influenced. We should be using words such as, ‘it would be better if you…’, ‘you could…’ and ‘this is better… because’. The idea is to explain how to do something correctly and say why something is wrong in a constructive way rather than just using a negative phrase or word. It programs our minds in the right direction as well as giving us an understanding of how to improve ourselves and our actions.

How we use language affects how we think. If we are constantly being exposed to the negative, our inner voice will be negative, if we are exposed to the positive, our inner voice will be positive. It is very difficult today because the environment around us is negative, however, it is best for us to learn how to deal with our environment and to let it influence us as little as possible.

Positive words lead us to positive thinking. It is best to feed our minds with good. If we always think positive, we will be less likely to have bad days. Everyone has problems that come up from time to time, but it is how we deal with them is what determines how well we cope. Positive thinking helps us cope through the bad times. If we think negatively we are going to struggle each time a problem arises.


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