Family and friends are very important in our lives. We cannot live as an island. There are times we and the people in our lives need support, help and need to feel a sense of belonging.

Photo credit: skyandsea876 via / CC BY

It is important that we do not take the people in our life for granted. We do not know the future. We might not be here in a few years. We might never get the chance again to tell them how we feel. We do not want to feel regret or that we could have done something differently. Standing by the people who stand by us will prevent feelings of hurt that we will create if we do not show appreciation.

It is also important when dealing with people at work. This improves relationships and happiness in the workplace. When people are happy at their work they perform better. It also reduces stress and conflict.

Saying ‘thank you’ is a simple way of showing appreciation. Give a gift or a card telling them how much we have appreciated what they have done. Taking them out for lunch, dinner or a trip to the cinema is a great way to show we value and treasure them.

Showing appreciation in a relationship will create a strong bond. The relationship will be happier, there will be more respect and there will be no regrets.


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