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Visualise Your Dreams

Keeping motivated can be challenging. Using a vision board can be an effective way of visualising what we want. It creates a desire and helps us keep motivated and stay focused.

A vision board can be changed if we want, it can be done weekly, monthly or yearly. It is a simple board with pictures of what we desire and what inspires us. We must look at it on a daily basis and it has to be put somewhere that it can be seen every day.

My first picture on my vision board would be my income. I want to work towards earning £2000 per month. Over time this will change, but for now, this is what I want to earn.

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My next picture would be owning my own property. I would like to own a house with my own swimming pool.

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I would also like to own a property abroad. Morocco would be a place I would love. The weather is good all year round and it is not too far from the UK.

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I want to work on my relationships. I will not be able to keep everyone happy and I want to stay out of hostility, so I will spend time with those who want to spend time with me and who help me grow. I want to feel that I can get on with my life and enjoy it in a positive and happy way.

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I want to create a good balance between work and pleasure. I want to have time with family and friends, doing the things I love and not spending all my time working.

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Working on my personal development is very important to me. It will guide me in the right direction in my life and help me grow and be a better person. To achieve this, I want to read one personal development book per week.

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Finally, I want to visit places I have not been to before. Experience new cultures, new food and new people.

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Each day I will look at my vision board to inspire and motivate me.

John Assaraf, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins have information on how to create your vision board.

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