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How To Stop Procrastination And Achieve High Productivity

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We are all guilty of hesitating and talking ourselves out of doing something. There are ways to take action by following these few steps.

Be selective with tasks. Start the most difficult first even though it is tempting to do it last, it will be done and you can relax. Prioritise each task so if it has to be done, it cannot be left to the next day. Complete each task you set out to work on.

Develop habits through practise and repetition. Tasks will eventually be part of your daily routine. You will feel more positive when you achieve what you need to do.

Have clear, written goals and set deadlines so they are achieved. List what you have to do, set out a plan and do something each day towards achieving them.

Plan each day in advance. Plan what you are going to do that day and when. Do the most important tasks first and anything that is not completed that day, do tomorrow. Each completed task can be ticked off your list.

Focus on high value tasks that achieve more. This can be activities that help you achieve your goals. Hard work has positive consequences. Procrastinate on low value tasks that can be left undone and there will be no loss. Cut back on time-consuming tasks and activities such as watching TV.

Use ABCDE to prioritise tasks. A as a very important task that has to be completed quickly. Do it before anything else. Delegate tasks that can be delegated. Do tasks yourself that can be done only by you so, if you do not do it, it does not get done at all. Improve on areas where you perform poorly.

Take tasks a step at a time. Concentrate on three tasks so you do not get overwhelmed. When you have completed a task, add another to your list.

Balance work with family. Moderation in all things is important for your well-being. Work hard when you are working and relax and spend time with your family when you are not working. The more time you spend with people, the happier you will be.

Prepare before you start. Gather everything for the task, lay it out and get started. One step at a time.

Keep learning new things. This gives you confidence. It will make you more productive and effective.

Identify what you do well and enjoy. What you learn in life can never be taken from you. Identify weaknesses and find a solution.

Put a little pressure on yourself. Set high standards. Imagine that you have only today to achieve your tasks. Imagine you are going away on holiday the next day and you have to complete your tasks before you go.

Overworking can affect how well we produce and we start to make mistakes. Work on the time of day you function best. Get enough sleep, so go to bed early. Have a day off in the week so you can recharge and go on holiday regularly. Eat healthy and take exercise.

Motivate yourself through positive talk, being optimistic is important for motivation and success. Always talk positively to others. You become what you think about.

Take time away from technology. Turn it off at regular intervals. It gives you time to gather thoughts. Technology can be addictive.

Cut your tasks down and do one part at a time. Set aside time for tasks such as; calls, reading, etc. Organise them into time periods to achieve the task.

Develop a sense of urgency, build up momentum and get tasks done quickly and fast so you have time to start new ones.

Self-discipline is the key with periods of hard concentrated work with no distractions or diversions.

Following the above steps will prevent procrastination and you will achieve your highest performance and productivity.

Tracy, B. (2007). Eat that frog!. 1st ed. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Photo credit: symphony of love via / CC BY-SA
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The Passive Income

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Having total freedom to live our lives the way we want to live is something we all dream of. Getting paid whether we are at work or if we are ill, we are still making money. This is called a passive income.

There are many ways to make a passive income such as, through the rental of properties or joining a network marketing company.

When we decide the way we want to make a passive income, we should spend our time learning how to do it and then we can reap the rewards. However, it is a journey that takes time, it does not happen overnight.

We should have goals and dreams to motivate us. Write them down in present tense as if they have already happened. Keep a notebook or journal of all the goals and dreams that we want. Belief is what keeps us motivated, doubt and hesitation is self-sabotage, we will never get around to doing anything with that approach.

Learn three simple steps and keep it simple, do not complicate things. For my business the three steps are retail, sponsor and training. Write down goals that get us excited, limit to three, then add more each time one has been accomplished.

How we interpret a situation is what drives our actions to succeed or fail. For example, if we were to fail in a business, depending if we pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off would depend on how we looked at the situation. The first scenario would be saying to ourselves, “I am no good at running a business, I might as well give up” with a different scenario, “I am going to learn more about how to run a business and try again”. How we feel about a situation guides how we take action.¬†Holding onto our beliefs is the way to succeed.

Adler, J. (2011). Beach Money. Cork: BookBaby.

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Visualise Your Dreams

Keeping motivated can be challenging. Using a vision board can be an effective way of visualising what we want. It creates a desire and helps us keep motivated and stay focused.

A vision board can be changed if we want, it can be done weekly, monthly or yearly. It is a simple board with pictures of what we desire and what inspires us. We must look at it on a daily basis and it has to be put somewhere that it can be seen every day.

My first picture on my vision board would be my income. I want to work towards earning £2000 per month. Over time this will change, but for now, this is what I want to earn.

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My next picture would be owning my own property. I would like to own a house with my own swimming pool.

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I would also like to own a property abroad. Morocco would be a place I would love. The weather is good all year round and it is not too far from the UK.

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I want to work on my relationships. I will not be able to keep everyone happy and I want to stay out of hostility, so I will spend time with those who want to spend time with me and who help me grow. I want to feel that I can get on with my life and enjoy it in a positive and happy way.

Photo credit: symphony of love via / CC BY-SA

I want to create a good balance between work and pleasure. I want to have time with family and friends, doing the things I love and not spending all my time working.

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Working on my personal development is very important to me. It will guide me in the right direction in my life and help me grow and be a better person. To achieve this, I want to read one personal development book per week.

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Finally, I want to visit places I have not been to before. Experience new cultures, new food and new people.

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Each day I will look at my vision board to inspire and motivate me.

John Assaraf, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins have information on how to create your vision board.

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