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Winning After Losing Your Job

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Experiencing the loss of a job can be traumatic for anyone. We go through a series of emotions such as anger and embarrassment. However, there are ways that can help us cope.

Getting support from those around us is vital. We will not feel so isolated and alone if we have someone to talk to about how we are feeling. Kind words can build us up again. Attitude drives our action and our atmosphere impacts our attitude. So getting encouragement will produce a positive attitude.

Being careful with money is wise, but we should still do things that we enjoy no matter how small. We should not associate ourselves with what we do for a living as giving us our value. We should look back at all the things we have accomplished as this builds our self-esteem. We should look at the good things in our life and be honest with our emotions. Repressing our feelings leads to depression. Keep pursuing our passions and do the things we love.

Balancing work and family in our lives will produce a healthy well-being. Forgiveness is important as it benefits the person forgiving more than anyone else. We can move on and live a fulfillingĀ life. We should not dwell on what has happened.

Feeling like a victim is normal for all of us but we cannot remain stuck there and become bitter and angry as it will paralyse us. A crisis can help us develop into stronger people.

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