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10 Habits For Success

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There are ten habits that keep us on track to success.

The first is keeping good habits each day. Reviewing them in the morning, at lunchtime and at night. Sticking to good habits help me work towards a better lifestyle. This is watching less television, exercise more, fill my mind with more positive information, reduce my time surfing the internet and eat healthier.

Second is listing my goals so I know what I want to achieve and if I am on the right track. Setting time to complete them, mark them off as I complete them, focus on them every day using a vision board with pictures of what I want to achieve.

  • Everyday Goals:  Posting to my selling group, check my emails, read a little each day to educate myself, do my phone calls, advertising products through catalogue delivery, deliver products to customers, have some me time and keep on top of my household chores.
  • Monthly Goals:  Build my customer base so I am earning £1000 per month on retail, generate fifty prospects per week, sponsor two prospects per week, attend a meeting each month, keep in touch with friends, do something nice with a friend on a regular basis and read one book per week towards my personal development.
  • Yearly Goals: Have a holiday at least once a year to get away and recharge, also work towards earning £3000 per month through sponsoring and retail.
  • Long-Term Goals:  To own my own home, own a holiday home abroad and have financial freedom.

The third is working on improving myself. I must expand my knowledge through education in reading and attending courses. I must reduce my time on the internet and the TV. It is important to use my time wisely.

The fourth is caring for my health. I have to choose healthier snacks and meals. Take a bit of exercise which will improve my body and mind. Take note of what I eat, but I will give myself occasional treats as I do not want to make my eating habits so strict that I do not get any pleasure out of my food, it is just about monitoring calories and ensuring that I am getting plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The fifth is maintaining lifelong relationships. People are a very important part of our lives. I will remove harmful people from my life as they will not let me grow. Investing and taking the time to make others happy makes us feel good, such as remembering birthdays.

Sixth is living in moderation. Do not starve ourselves of things but do not overindulge. Keep life balanced, do not be extreme, resist the opportunity to binge, keep a moderate mindset.

Seventh is to accomplish tasks. Do what I can do, be proactive, do not procrastinate and keep control of my life.

The eighth habit is keeping thinking in a healthy way. Remain positive, enthusiastic and happy. Keep control of emotions and not allow bad thoughts to alter a positive mindset. Stay away from the causes of fear and anxiety such as the media. Watch and read positive information and be good to myself.

Ninth is to save 10% of my gross income each time I get paid. Pay my pension and keep some savings.

Finally, the tenth habit is to control my thoughts and emotions. Keep negative feelings such as anger and jealousy out of my mind, instead replace them with kind thoughts and positive emotions.

Corley, Thomas C. Rich Habits. Print.

Photo credit: Celestine Chua via / CC BY
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