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My DNA Results


Image By Louise MacPherson 10/9/16

I have my results from after waiting for over a month and I am quite surprised. As I was born in Scotland, I thought there would be a large part of me that would be British, but I am actually only 19% Great Britain and 66% Ireland. I also have ethnicity from every part of Europe. Most people who take part in the Ethnicity Test by are surprised by their results.


Obviously, I knew I was going to have ethnicity from Europe but I did not think to this extent. I am also 3% Iberian Peninsula, 3% Eastern Europe, 3% Western Europe, 2% Scandinavia and 2% Finland/Northwest Russia.



I also have traces of South Asia and Caucasus, but these are very small amounts.

It shows the amount of travelling our ancestors have done. If you were born in a country and even if your parents and grandparents were born in the same country, it does not mean that you are going to have any ethnicity from that particular country. Your ancestors could be from somewhere else altogether.

After finding this out, I am going to have more of an interest in Ireland, its history and will have to go for a visit.

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