Mental Strength and Good Habits

I am learning the importance of keeping strong during hard times and learning to appreciate what I have.

It does not matter how much money, success and how perfect life seems, things can go wrong and we have to be able to cope and keep going no matter what. Good habits are what keep us going. So it is important for us to change our ways of thinking and create good habits and beliefs.

If we have negative beliefs about ourselves, we will feel sorry for ourselves and think we are not good enough. If we have negative beliefs about others, we will have feelings of jealousy and a lack of trust. This will affect our relationships. If we have negative feelings about the world, we will think the world owes us and it should be fair to us when it is not like that. It is about coping with problems and learning to be happy.

It is not easy to do as we have the habit of slipping back into our negative thoughts. The best way to deal with this is for us to recognise when we are following the negative path and then replace these thoughts with positive ones. This is what I do. I find it really helps.


Photo credit: Celestine Chua via / CC BY


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