Getting Back To Nature

Today, living in our busy environment with the stresses and strains, it is important that we do not forget the little things in life that are all around us. Getting away from it all for a while is essential for us to recharge.

Photo credit: Fr Antunes via / CC BY-NC-SA

I enjoy going out for a walk on the beach or in the country as it allows me to get away from my busy life. There are many ways we can enjoy ourselves in the outdoors. It can be activities such as cycling, hiking or canoeing.

Photo credit: Skinny Artist via / CC BY-NC-ND

I feel nature benefits us in many ways such as calming, reducing stress, helps us get a good nights sleep, reduces worry and anxiety. When we take regular breaks to be in nature we have a better overall physical and mental health.

I feel that when I get out into nature I am a different person. I feel more relaxed and calm. The fresh air helps me sleep better and I do not sit and think about problems to the same extent. I love the smell of nature around me, such as the flowers, the beautiful colours, the smell of the grass and the singing of the birds.

Photo credit: Michael Taggart Photography via / CC BY-NC

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