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Well, I have had my blog up and running now for over 6 months.

It has been a lot of hard work reading and researching into different areas of personal development. Personal development benefits every area of our life, not just business. We grow in our relationships with people and build our confidence. We focus on what is important and do not waste time on tasks that are not constructive. Our general outlook on life is better.

I find I am much more enthusiastic and the time I spend on worrying and feeling sorry for myself has been greatly reduced. Changing my way of thinking will take time, it is a gradual process. I think we are all guilty of looking for a magic cure to solve our problems, but life is about taking action and working towards taking responsibility for our own lives.

I plan to write more of my own opinions and experiences as well as continuing to research and learn. Every time something negative happens, I am going to think about what I have learned for inspiration and how to deal with the problem. Over the next year, I am going to complete some courses from a variety of motivational speakers that contain videos, meditation and exercises.

I hope that everyone who reads my blog enjoys it and I hope I provide them with some valuable information to help with their lives.


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