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Happy Memories

Photo credit: Damian Gadal via / CC BY

Remembering good memories help us to focus away from the negativity around us.  I have written two good memories from my life that really stick in my mind.

The first is when I went on a Cruise around the Mediterranean with my dad and brothers. It was such a lot of fun and interesting seeing different places in the Mediterranean. We visited Gibraltar, Greece and Turkey. One of the cities that we visited in Greece was Olympia where the very first Olympic games was held. The ship was huge and it was a great experience, everything in one place. It was very relaxing, we were taken really good care of by the staff and we made some new friends. There was so much food. We had three meals a day as well as afternoon tea. So we were always stuffed. The staff were fantastic, were always ready to help and make sure we were comfortable. It is a memory that has definitely stuck in my mind. I would love to go on a cruise again in the future.

Another great memory from childhood was going on holiday to Aviemore, Scotland. We stayed in a lodge at Dalfaber Golf and Country Club. We went there every summer and it was so much fun. I went with my mum, dad, brothers and sister. I remember going swimming, the summer weather was beautiful so we went fishing and drank milkshakes from the bar. A vivid memory of that holiday was the beautiful silver birch trees that grew throughout the estate.

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