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Humanity and Self-Pity

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What is it like to be human?   I have learned so much about the human race in the short time I have been working on personal development.  Humans seem to be naturally negative, self-indulgent and destructive.  We focus on the bad when we should focus on the good.  Yes, bad things happen in the world but we must not let it rule our lives.  We can’t always control things that happen, but we can change our attitude to it.

I came across a therapist, author and motivational speaker called Sean Stephenson when I was browsing facebook.  He has come through so much in his life and become a successful man.  He teaches that the only prison we have is in our mind.  He explains why some rich and famous peoples lives are still a mess.  It is the way they think.

In a recent Q&A session about how to cure our insecurities, Sean mentions what people usually focus on.  This is called FED: Fears, Envies and Dislikes.  Fears are what we don’t want, Envies are what we don’t have and Dislikes are what we don’t like, our complaints. We need to focus on the positive and become GAP: Goals, Appreciations and Preferences. Goals are what we want, Appreciations are what we have and Preferences are what we like.  Sean teaches ways to get from FED to GAP.  These are; spend time with people who’s values you admire, lifestyle you want and people that need your support, because it feels great to give something back to society.  I am not a person that sits watching the news.  I occasionally read the newspaper to catch up with what is going on in the world, but not very often because it focuses on the world being bad and if we feed ourselves this all the time we will continue to crave it because it is all we think that exists (“Q&A With Sean”) .

We are all on this earth for such a short time and we have to make the most of it while we are here.  I was a person who focused on the world being a bad place, but now I am going to focus on it being a good place. After all, there are lots of wonderful things in the world to appreciate.

“Q&A With Sean”. Sean Stephenson Ridding the World of Insecurity. N.p., 2016. Print.

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