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The idea of success is different for everyone.  The main reasons for failure are not being able to deal with other people.  We all must learn to deal with people so the ego of both parties remains intact.

In order that you gain respect from others, you should not take things by force or by begging.  When a person has their ego damaged, they act in an irrational and destructive way. On the other hand, when their ego is protected, people will react in ways which are noble. Everyone feels the need to defend their individual personality.  Every person is important and the ways to be more tolerant and less critical of others is to get over your own insecurities and discontentment.  When self-esteem is high, it is really easy to get along with other people, when it is low, anyone and everything around you is a threat.

Ways to boost ego is through praise and genuine compliments.  This helps people like themselves better.  Acting in a courteous and polite manner are ways to recognise others.  If a person is constantly told they are worthless, over time they will not maintain their dignity and worth.  Things that seem little and unimportant that are repeated over and over can have an adverse affect on human relations.  Ways to make someone feel important are; see everyone as important because at the end of the day people are important and interesting, pay attention to other people, resist the temptation to compete with others as we do not want to make others feel small so we can feel larger and to know when to correct others, do not do it if it does not solve any real problems.

Les Giblin, 2001. The Art Of Dealing With People. (Chapters One to Three), Edition. Les Giblin.

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