Photo credit: Amanda Schutz via / CC BY-NC

My first meeting was a wonderful experience.  It has taken me so long to understand the importance of attending meetings when we are building a business in Network Marketing and any business, group or organisation.

The first thing I noticed was the friendly and warm atmosphere. It was like a family and I did not feel isolated.  I was made to feel part of the team as everyone gave each other support. I met friends that I have known for years online through attending webinars, but never met them face to face. It was lovely to be in such a positive environment when the world around us is so negative.

It was also a lovely chance to have a short break and get away. I had to travel to Bolton to the meeting, but I visited a new city I have never visited before. I am looking forward to attending my next meeting and meeting more new faces.

When we attend meetings, we learn new ideas how to run our business by talking to others. We also keep up to date with the latest information. We get hands on support because we can ask questions. When we attend the webinars (which are meetings done online using conferencing suites), we can ask questions, but it is very one-way because it is more difficult to raise a concern online than it is in person. When we speak to someone in person it is more two-way support due to the more intimate contact. Meeting people face to face gives us a better idea what they are like as a person due to the use of body language and mannerisms. This builds stronger relationships. All the successful people attend meetings and it is important to mix with the successful people so we can learn from them. We can all share each others ideas, share important information, raise any concerns, help each other with problems, support each other in our aspirations, get new goal ideas and gain inspiration in order to be more motivated. Future plans can be organised at a meeting and the opinions of everyone can be taken into account. Meetings can also be a wonderful social event for everyone involved.


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