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The Network Marketing Opportunity

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There are many benefits to starting a business in network marketing. We have nothing to loose. Paying a small fee to start is nothing compared to the thousands we would pay out to start a traditional business. Sticking to the system is the way to make money. We will make our money back we paid to start up and more in the first month if we do this. This is an area where many people fail, they do not stick to the system.

Working in a 9 to 5 job is not something I have the intention of doing for the rest of my life. I want to be in control of my own future. Working in a home based business is something I am interested in pursuing.

I find the difference between my network marketing business and earning money through teaching is I am limited to how much money I can earn in a certain time. I love my teaching and I am going to continue that path. However, I also want to pursue another avenue. With network marketing, I will be able to increase my income without increasing my hours. I do not have to rely on others to pay me a wage or pay invoices, what I earn depends on me. With teaching, I have unpaid invoices where I have lost money. When working in network marketing, if a customer does not want a product, I just return it and I get my account credited.  I have to spend time searching for the right people to join my business and when I do, it is worth the effort.

Success depends on me. Network marketing is a great way to be in control of my own life and money. It is flexible hours, so I work the hours I choose and over time my income will gradually increase. I can work the business around a family and have more time for them.

Everyone starts at the same place. I do not expect immediate success, it takes time and patience. I have to work through the ups and downs, stick to it and I will be successful. When it does not work, many people think it is the business or the system. The truth is, I need to work on myself. If I work on improving myself, such as my strengths and weaknesses, my business will improve along with me. Changing from one network marketing company to another is not the answer. Change company and not myself, I will continue to fail wherever I go. This is why personal development is so important. When I work on myself, I will be able to help others build a business, this is an important ingredient in team building.

Most people start network marketing alongside a full-time job. They start part-time and build their business enough to leave their job. Others start without any other income and work the business full-time. Some people choose to stick to the retailing side only and not go on to do team building. However, I want to build a large income and business, so I have to consider the team building as there are only so many hours in the day to do retail. There is no right or wrong way, it is up to me what I wish to do with the business.

Working in network marketing has many social events. I have made new friends and have the chance to go on trips paid by the company provided I do the work.

Network marketing is a great opportunity, but I must work for it. I need to build a stable business and I will reap the rewards in the end. My customers have to trust me. I have to build honest relationships with them. I will be positive and be myself. If I see the bigger picture and the opportunities, I will build myself a fantastic future.

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