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Studying My Personality: Working On Negative Personality Traits

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Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to highlight them and work on reducing the weaknesses and improving the strengths.

Popular Sanguine

Talk too much: they need to talk half as much as usual and let someone else control the conversation, watch their listeners for boredom, get to the point and not exaggerate when talking and telling stories.

They are self-centred: they have to learn to be sensitive to other people, listen and look at each person they are speaking to and listen to others.

They do not have good memories: they must pay attention to people’s names and write everything down so they can remember it later.

They are fickle: they need to take time for people and put others needs first.

Interrupt and answer for others: start to enjoy silence and let others do the talking.

Disorganised and immature: they need to focus on sticking to the same job, take time to achieve what they want, get round to getting things done, grow up, face responsibilities and make realistic plans.

Perfect Melancholy

Easily depressed: they need to start being cheerful, don’t take things personally, not read into things too deeply, smile at people, keep all situations positive, be enthusiastic, don’t get hurt easily, look for the best in people, when things go wrong be grateful of the experience and learn from it.

Have low self-images: they have to accept compliments and address insecurities.

Procrastinate: it is essential they get organised and carry things out quickly and not to spend too much time planning.

Unrealistic demands on others: they need to relax their standards, everything in life is not perfect.

Powerful Choleric

They are compulsive workers: they need to learn to relax, don’t need to organise everything, do not put pressure on others and plan some leisure activity not just work.

Must be in control: let others be the leader for a change, relax when not in charge, they do not have to be right all the time and not look down on others, stop manipulating and be open.

Don’t know how to handle people: they must be patient with people, keep their opinions to themselves until asked, be more approachable, not be bossy and overbearing, stop the controversy and causing trouble.

Are always right which makes them unpopular: allow others to be right for a change, apologise if they have done something wrong and admit to their faults because everyone has them.

Peaceful Phlegmatic

Do not get enthusiastic: they are unable to get excited about things or show it.

Resist change: they do not like change so they have to learn to embrace it.

Seem lazy: they must take responsibility for their lives, don’t put things off, do things they can today and motivate themselves to do things.

Quiet and willful: they need to communicate their feelings, if things are not ok, say they are not, they have to open up and be honest about how they feel.

Wishy-washy attitude: they have to make decisions and accept responsibility for them and learn to say no.

Improving My Personality 

I am not good at making decisions because I do not want to hurt someone else’s feelings so I have to learn to say no. I know that I will never be able to please everyone so just do what is best for myself.  Be true to myself and be happy with it.

I have to work on accepting compliments and believing them. When someone compliments me I have to thank them. Compliments build confidence.  I am insecure at times and need to build my confidence and feel assured when I carry out any task that I do and that I will do it to the best of my ability.

Getting things done is important so I have not to spend too much time on the planning side. If I make a rough plan of what I need to do and proceed to carry it out.  Planning is important but I must also follow through with the task.  I have a habit of putting things off until a later date so I must be more motivated and spur myself into action.

I must not expect things to go perfectly and if things do not, I must work to improve and learn from it.

I am not the type of person that shows enthusiasm or excitement. It does not mean that I do not get enthusiastic or excited, I just do not show it. I am aware this can annoy people or make people feel that I am not interested in them so I need to show more enthusiasm. I have a habit of not expressing how I feel and this affects my relationships with others. I have to be more open about my feelings and tell people how I am feeling to improve my relationships.

I need to try new things and broaden my horizons, I have to be more adventurous and think of something new at least once a week.

I am aware that I have a tendency to be too sensitive and take things that people say to heart. I can read into things too deeply and overreact or get the wrong idea about a particular situation. I need to look at things positively and not take the opinion of others too seriously.

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