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Studying My Personality: Personality Type

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Everyone is unique. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. When we understand ourselves we can improve our personalities.

I have many strengths and weaknesses. I can polish up my strengths and chip away at my weaknesses.

Strengths; adaptable, peaceful, submissive, considerate, reserved, sensitive, patient, shy, obliging, faithful, diplomatic, consistent, inoffensive, deep, musical, thoughtful, listener, contented, pleasant and balanced.

Weaknesses; bashful, unenthusiastic, reticent, forgetful, insecure, uninvolved, hesitant, permissive, alienated, nonchalant, withdrawn, timid, doubtful, introvert, moody, slow, loner, sluggish, reluctant and compromising.

According to Florence Littauer who wrote Personality Plus, there are four distinct personality types; Popular Sanguine, Perfect Melancholy, Powerful Choleric and Peaceful Phlegmatic.

Let us first examine the Popular Sanguine Personality.  This personality is an extrovert, a talker and an optimist.  They are emotional, demonstrative, are fun to be around and are very social as they love to be with people.  They are outgoing and see excitement in everything they do and their bubbly personalities attract attention.  They are talkative and are the life and soul of the party.  Memorising names and dates are not strong qualities, but they will remember the colour of a dress for example.  They are warm and enjoy contact with other people.  They take centre stage, are childlike and naive, curious and they do not want to miss anything.  They are helpful, love to volunteer and are very popular, their creative side loves to think up new ideas.  They often run late and avoid work at all costs, but have the ability to charm, inspire others and make friends easily.  I have two qualities of a Popular Sanguine Personality; forgetful and permissive.

Now to examine the Perfect Melancholy Personality.  This personality is an introvert, a thinker and a pessimist.  They are deep thinkers, are undemanding and like to be alone. They follow schedules and are organised.  Routine is important to them, no matter how dull, and they get upset if it is changed in any way.  They are serious and reliable.  They are the poets, artists, writers, musicians, engineers, inventors and scientists.  They are the soul, spirit, mind and heart of the human race.  They have a quiet and thoughtful temperament and foresees problems before they happen.  They are unable to take things at face value, instead, they like to search for the inner truths in every situation.  They are thinkers, planners, creators and inventors.  Excellence exists in these fields because they have the patience to sit practising a musical instrument, creating or inventing something new and making plans.  They work alone as having a conversation would slow down their progress.  Their trait of evaluating the progress or performance of others can make people around them nervous and edgy.  They are very serious people and many a genius of the world will have a Perfect Melancholy personality.  They are born with genius potential that needs to be properly motivated and nurtured and are the most talented and creative of all the personality types.  They like charts, figures, graphs and lists and are very detailed in things they do, for example hanging the toilet paper the correct way round on the holder, and keeping clothes neatly organised in their wardrobe.  They love order.  In their wardrobe, they are likely to have different sections for shirts, t-shirts, skirts, trousers and jackets.  They do not like outsiders interfering with their wardrobe, desk, etc.  They like to have things just as they want it.  Being neat and tidy on their person is important to them and their surroundings.  They even go around picking up after others.  They are perfectionists and have high standards.  The speed you do something does not matter, what is important is how well it is done.  Being economical is important to this personality trait.  They hate wasting anything.  They love a bargain and love to get their monies worth.  They make excellent counsellors because they have the ability to listen and analyse people’s problems and come up with a solution.  They are caring, compassionate and seek ideal mates to the extent they list the qualities they are looking for and measure them up.  I have thirteen qualities of perfect melancholy; considerate, sensitive, faithful, deep, musical, thoughtful, bashful, insecure, alienated, withdrawn, introvert, moody, loner.

Both of these personalities, Popular Sanguine and Perfect Melancholy, even though opposite in many ways, are both very emotional.  I see the Perfect Melancholy and Popular Sanguine traits in myself, although Perfect Melancholy is by far the strongest personality type of the two.  I like to fold clothes neatly in my cupboards and I prefer to do it myself so it is in the correct place, however, I am not the type of person with really high standards enough to have a wardrobe as organised to the standards that the Perfect Melancholy usually thrives.  For me, it is ok to have a t-shirt hanging next to a dress.  I love a bargain and I hate to waste food.  I prefer to freeze food rather than throw out fresh food that I have not used.  I pick up after my son to make sure things are done properly, probably too much than is necessary. I love music and playing musical instruments.  I also like writing, probably the reason why I started this blog was because the organised side of me was wanting to keep an organised log of what I have learned.  I am also very forgetful.  I can have something to remember to do, forget to do it and I will not realise until the next day.

The next personality type is the Powerful Choleric.  They are the extrovert, the doer, and the optimist.  Their intentions are direct, clear and active.  Things have to be done right for the Powerful Choleric.  They are always on a high and aim to succeed. They communicate in an open manner with people and they thrive on being in charge.  Their ability to get things done is clear and you would know where you stand with a Powerful Choleric.  They have fantastic leadership qualities, are determined and strong willed. Changing what is out of place and correcting what is wrong is important to the Powerful Choleric and are quick to campaign for things that are right.  They make decisions, are strong willed and save time.  They often make others around them feel insecure with their assertiveness and assurance.  Goals are very important and they are interested in achieving them.  Their organisation skills are vital so everything runs smoothly and efficiently.  They see how tasks should be handled.  Many Powerful Cholerics become professional athletes, they love to achieve the impossible.  Friends are something they do not have the need for.  They don’t like to make mistakes and always know they are right.  They rise to unexpected situations.  I have no qualities of the Powerful Choleric.

The final personality to look at is the Peaceful Phlegmatic.  They are the introvert, the watcher and the pessimist.  They are easygoing, adaptable and want to avoid conflict.  The way that they think is that ‘things do not really matter that much’.  They are the easiest of all the temperaments to get on with, are content and tolerant. They enjoy friendships, but also love to be on their own.  They are solid and balanced and do not function in the extremes of life.  They are not ‘born’ leaders but can get to the top through being able to get along with everyone.  They make excellent parents although they are not good at the disciplinarian side. Their calm, unemotional logic will reduce any situations that are tense.  They do not feel the need for credit, they are comfortable with not being the centre of attention.  Being able to stay calm during a storm is one of their strong qualities.  Patience and never being in a hurry is a quality of the Peaceful Phlegmatic.  They do not have any great expectations and their pessimistic nature keeps them feel ‘realistic’ towards life.  The administrative ability is created through their competent and steady attitude to their work.  Their good listening abilities, easy to get along with, relaxed, calm, cool, well-balanced, pleasant attitude makes them the best friend to have of all.  I have twenty-five qualities of the Peaceful Phlegmatic; adaptable, peaceful, submissive, reserved, patient, shy, obliging, diplomatic, consistent, inoffensive, listener, contented, pleasant, balanced, unenthusiastic, reticent, uninvolved, hesitant, nonchalant, timid, doubtful, slow, sluggish, reluctant and compromising.

My personality type is Peaceful Phlegmatic.  I always want to avoid conflict at all times, I hate conflict.  I love to spend time with my friends and I also love to be on my own.  Being a leader does not come naturally to me but I do get on well with people.  I feel I am weak at discipline when it comes to my son and when dealing with people.  I listen to people more than I talk and I am able to stay calm in difficult situations.  I feel I have held myself back throughout life by letting other people have their way and not being assertive enough about my own needs.  However, I am a balanced person and in more ways than not I am content with life.

Littauer, F. (1992). Personality plus. (Parts One and Two), Tarrytown, N.Y.: F.H. Revell Co.

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