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Studying My Personality: Mixes

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We are all unique.  We are all a mix of different personalities.  There are four main personality types.  Peaceful Phlegmatic, Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric and Perfect Melancholy.  Most of us have traits from one type and some traits from another. Some people are a mix of two different personality types.  There are Natural Blends, Complimentary Blends and Opposites.

The first Natural Blend is a mix of Popular Sanguine and Powerful Choleric.  This blend is outgoing, optimistic and outspoken.  They make great leaders or have the potential for great leaders.  They are a mix of positive traits such as; fun loving, able to accomplish goals, determination, able to direct others.  Their negative traits can be; bossy, impatient, interrupts and controls the conversation and impulsive.  The second natural blend is a mix of Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic.  This blend is introverted, soft-spoken and pessimistic.  Their positive traits are; they love to study, have the ability to get along well with people and they make great educators.  Some negative traits include; they procrastinate and they have trouble decision making.

The first Complimentary Blend is a mix of Powerful Choleric and Perfect Melancholy. Their positive traits are; their leadership drive, achieving goals, analytical detail-conscious schedule-orientated mind and have the great potential to be successful.  A negative trait is they can be very overbearing.  The second Complimentary Blend is Popular Sanguine and Peaceful Phlegmatic.  Their positive traits are;  takes it easy and has fun, easygoing nature, warm and they make very good friends.  Some negative traits are; can be lazy, no direction or focus and poor at handling money.

The first Opposite is a mix of Popular Sanguine and Perfect Melancholy.  This mix can have emotional problems due to the ups and downs of their outgoing nature along with a negative outlook.  The second Opposite is Powerful Choleric and Peaceful Phlegmatic.  This mix can have a work hard attitude at work and when they get home never get around to doing anything as they go into chill mode.

Understanding ourselves and others is the main component of self-improvement.  It helps us understand why we behave in a certain way and why others behave the way they do.  It also helps us accept our weaknesses and others weaknesses.  We can all work on our weaknesses and brush up our strengths.

I am mainly Peaceful Phlegmatic, but have a lot of traits from Perfect Melancholy.  I have to learn to accept compliments, not to be too sensitive about what other people say and not to feel guilty about my decisions.  I need to motivate myself when it comes to my goals and take control of situations and not leave it to others.

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