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The Mind

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There are two types of people, positive thinkers and negative thinkers. Positive thinkers always think ‘I can’, find solutions, look for the good in other people, appreciate what they have and see possibilities. However, negative thinkers think ‘I can’t’, dwell on problems, find fault with others, focus on what is missing and see limitations. People who are successful do not quit, when things go wrong or do not work out they make another attempt. ┬áNo matter how difficult things get, choose a positive attitude.

How you think reflects your circumstances. If you think you do not deserve much you will attract people who will not treat you right. To improve your way of thinking to be more positive, read and listen to something positive every day, ideal in the morning and at night. Do not expect overnight success, it takes time, effort, commitment and patience.

Learn to overcome obstacles. Keep imagining in your mind how you want to perform. If you do this you will perform the way you want. Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. If you are not prepared to do this then you are not committed enough. Life will continue to test you. Things will not always go smoothly. Above all, enjoy what you do so working towards your goal is not a chore. Be able to take rejection as it can take years to achieve what you want. Turn problems into opportunities, problems will be replaced with something better. Having challenges makes you appreciate family and friends, gives you motivation and makes you realise the good things you have in your life. When a relationship ends you will go on to have a more satisfying relationship with someone else and you will develop a greater feeling of self-worth.

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