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The Concept of Building a Team

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I never understood the concept of building a team and making a lot of money in a Network Marketing Business. I was always told, it is good to have 3 good people to start making a good income. I could not understand how this worked, or what this meant.

The more we have in our team the better, but we do not have to worry about large amounts of people initially, we can still build a successful business with a good income. This is the reality of Network Marketing. It is about helping others become successful with what we have learned and done ourselves.

The main aim is to sponsor 2 or 3 ‘good’ people and help them get off to a good start. When these team members have started to work their business, they can bring 2 or 3 people into their business and so on. The scenario with 2 good team members gives an idea of how many new people would be coming into the business and it goes something like this; 2 x 2=4, 2 team members bring in 2 people each, that increases the team by 4. When these team members go on to build their teams and bring in 2 people, it increases the team by; 4 x 2=8, then another 8 x 2= 16. With 3 good team members it looks like this; 3 x 3=9 when 3 people bring in 3 team members each, 9 x 3 =27, 27 x 3=81. Then having 4 good team members in the business, it increases the team by; 4 x 4=16, 16 x 4=64, 64 x 4=256. When we speak about ‘good’, these are people that are serious about building a business. Obviously, the numbers will vary in reality, but it gives a good idea what can happen when we decide to pursue the team building side of the business. We might have 2 team members and one of them brings in 1 person and the other brings in 4. Some team members might not want to do any team building and the other might want to do a lot, it depends. However, we must remember that everyone is valuable in a team, no matter how much or little they do.

In order for sales to generate we need customers to buy the products.  If our 2 team members have 50 customers each, that would be an increase of; 2 x 50=100 customers buying products. If their team members also have 50 customers it would be an increase of another; 4 x 50=200 customers, then 8 x 50=400, then 16 x 50=800 customers. The more customers each team member has, the larger the amount of customers and sales generated in the team as a whole. So we can imagine a team of 10 people having 200 customers each; 10 x 200= 2,000 customers. If the average purchases of these customers is £10 each per month; £10 x 2,000= £20,000. The team of 10 would have generated on average £20,000 of sales in the month. It is about having a lot of people doing a little bit. We can then understand, the larger the team, the larger amount of sales that is being generated. This is what makes an income in Network Marketing gradually grow. The more team members, the more customers. The more customers, the more sales generated.

However, it is difficult to teach lots of people directly under us. We want to work with the workers.  It is much easier to supervise 5 people rather than 100. So, the aim is for our team to build their own teams and for them to teach their team members and so on. This is what builds the residual income in Network Marketing. If we have large amounts of people to supervise, we can always ask other people in the business to help us. It is a business about help, support and teamwork.

The idea of Network Marketing is to start with small amounts, then build. Over time, these small amounts build into large amounts.

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