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Personal Development: Review

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During my time working on personal developmentI have noticed myself with a more positive, productive mindset and I am aware of the areas I need to improve.

I have learned what I am looking for out of life and the path I need to take to achieve my vision of financial freedom. I have to create different goals to achieve what I want and keep reworking them.

It is important to use my mind to enhance my expectations, my belief on what life will be like once I have achieved my vision and realising the power that the subconscious mind has over my thoughts. Through daily mental rehearsal, I can achieve a clear picture of how it will feel to have achieved the end result of my vision.

I have learned that taking action is important in achieving and using all my energy on important tasks. If I do not stay focused, it is easy to get distracted and fall into the trap of not doing the tasks I need to do. Generating more positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts will balance my life towards a more positive outlook. If I have more negative thoughts, I will have a more negative view of life. If I have more positive thoughts, I will have a more positive view of life. It is important that I focus on this to have a more positive balance.

Belief and how I talk to myself plays an important part in success. It is so easy to talk myself out of something. I have been doing this for years. Believing in myself and removing all those negative thoughts from the past is the step towards empowerment. How I view myself is what will give me a richer life. The most important ingredient for a richer life is my self-image and being really happy with who I am. I have learned that thoughts are just thoughts and I have to educate myself to not let them control my life. Negative things that were said to me in the past do not need to rule my mind and I need to say good things to myself on a daily basis. Negativity is a choice and I need to dismiss any thoughts that are not positive.

The fear of failure is something that has controlled my life for a long time. Instead of thinking to myself what can go wrong, I need to think what will go right. I must not worry about other peoples opinions and not worry about what people think. I have to accept myself for who I am, not judge myself and learn to love myself. I need my mind working for me, not against me. I have learned that failing does not necessarily mean the end. I just need to overcome failures and say ‘I need to do better’.

Leaving my comfort zone is an essential component to growth. This is an area that I find difficult. I have always felt safe in my comfort zone, but I know I need to move out of it in order to grow. This is an area for me that I think will take time, but I need to focus on how it will benefit me and how staying within my comfort zone will hinder me.

I have to pick myself up at times when things do go wrong, things going wrong happens to everyone. Use any setbacks as feedback and not something that will stop me in my tracks. Instead of focusing on failures I have to say to myself; How can I do better? How can I be more productive?  This is what I mean by feedback. Things I want in life are not always achieved immediately, they take time and the essential component is to stay on track. I will have to keep immersed in all my activities as when I have success in the things I do, it will make me happy. I have learned to keep motivated and not give up.

Managing my time will make my tasks more productive. I have to keep focused and finish all the tasks that I want to achieve. If I focus on completing a task before moving onto the next, this will help my time be more productive. Moving from one task to the other without completion will leave me without the sense of achievement as I will have many unfinished tasks to complete. This will also create stress and interfere with my focus. I have to put myself first and finish what I am doing at that moment, then move onto the next task.

The feeling of gratitude is important for my mind, body and spirit. Focusing on what I have in my life that is good and not taking up energy dwelling on what is bad will make me grow, as I will appreciate everything I have achieved. Being kind and considerate to others creates more trusting relationships and if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. Doing tasks in a state of gratitude and optimism will give me fulfillment. This will increase the productivity of my business. Most important, I need to have patience.

For me, some of these habits can be mastered quickly, but other habits will take longer. Daily exercise and implementation of these strategies will improve my mind and quality of life.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter twenty-one). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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