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Do More: Step 20

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The way to success is to provide a service in a state of gratitude, joy and optimism. This can be difficult at times, but it is something we need to get into the habit of doing. We will not succeed in business if we do not help others get what they want. If we work feeling grateful, happy and positive, it will make people want to be around us, which will help our business whether we are dealing with staff or customers. Successful people help others and make a difference. The more we give to others, the more we will receive. When we do this, we will feel happy and fulfilled. Happiness and fulfillment will increase our productivity and achieve greater results. When we send out good thoughts, good thoughts will come back to us.

Patience is a great virtue. We never know exactly when our business is going to take off, so it is important not to doubt ourselves and give up. Trust in life itself as physical effort and helping others makes us successful.

My Action Plan:

I must stop worrying and stop being impatient so the natural goal achieving process will come my way. I must keep feeling positive and polite around customers because when I am not, I am not happy with myself.

1. If I think of a goal I want to achieve that I have been procrastinating because it is not happening fast enough. Recall what I said to myself and the negative tone I said it in.

2. I then say to myself that I will achieve this and I need to wait, be calm and patient. Things will come to me in a matter of time. I must work on my patience so it gives me time to get what I want.

3. I tell myself to remain calm and that everything is being done to give me what I want.

I will talk to myself using these 3 steps over a few days. I will use this method with each goal I make.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter twenty). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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