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Negativity: Step 17

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It is important that we break habits that are destructive in order to achieve success, not only in business, but in anything we do throughout our lives. They slow our progress and cause us to regress instead of progress. We have to think to ourselves that not all thoughts that pop into our head are true. Keep in control of our thoughts and actions, and adjust them if we are moving towards the negative. If a thought is not positive, then dismiss it. We want to be changing negative beliefs into positive ones and for this to become a habit. Shut down any negative thoughts quickly. We must always ask ourselves why we are doing something, because if we know the reason, we will be willing to do anything to succeed. There are no excuses, we have a choice.

My Action Plan:

I follow this process.

1  I have to think to myself; Who I have been in the past? What do I want to change? I was very critical of myself. I always thought negative about every situation. I felt I could never become successful and I had no motivation. I worry about the future and I felt angry about all my failures. I want to become a more positive person. Have the motivation to work hard and achieve what I want.

2  I highlight all my destructive emotions; FEAR: I feel fear at doing something new, outside of my comfort zone. WORRY: I worry about the future, if I can pay my bills, where I will be in a few years time. ANGER: I feel anger at my failures, if I could have done things differently. DEPRESSION: It makes me feel down when I think of the above emotions. I dwell on my mistakes.

I close my eyes and picture two roads. One is success and the other is failure. I think of a situation in my life where I fall into my destructive behaviour patterns. I feel that emotion. I then say STOP, picturing a stop sign. I feel how I want to feel now; How do I want to think and feel about this situation? What would I say? How do I talk to others with this new emotion? How do I act? I picture this situation with the new emotion and feel happy with it. I walk back from the stop sign and walk down the road to success. I see my vision on a billboard and it says ‘FINANCIAL FREEDOM’.

When I think to myself about my destructive emotions, feeling fear about moving out of my comfort zone only holds me back. I will try new things and think the ways it can benefit me. There is no point to worry. Worry gets me nowhere. I think to myself that I can pay my bills, I am in control of my future and my life will work out the way I want if I believe and have motivation. Feeling angry about the past does not change anything. I need to move forward and say to myself that what is in the past is in the past. I have to look to the future. Changing these emotions makes me feel happy and positive.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter seventeen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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