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Keep With The Flow: Step 13

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The key to great success in business or anything we want to achieve in life, is to keep with the flow. If we keep fully immersed in activities, we will keep working at our business or whatever we want to accomplish. Creativity is something that makes people really happy, so when we produce something new or get something done, we feel a sense of achievement. If we are doing well and loving what we do, people will want to be part of it. When our business grows our belief and confidence grows with it. Keeping momentum is an important skill because the minute momentum stops, it is difficult to get back into good habits again. We must be disciplined and make an effort to keep good habits. Good habits have to be part of our daily routine. If we gain motivation from people who are already successful, it will heighten our belief and show us that things can really happen. Most importantly, do not give up!

My Action Plan:
My busy life can be stressful and keeping on top of everything I have to do as well as having time for family and friends is hard work, so I am going to take at least 10 minutes on a regular basis going for a walk in nature. It is important to get the full feel of being in nature by using my 5 senses to observe my surroundings. When I breathe the air, I take in the taste and smell of it. Smelling the flowers, the trees and hearing the birds. When having this experience, I focus on this present moment. Doing this will take discipline, but when I have mastered it, it will give me the feeling of peace and contentment. My mind has taken time out from everyday tasks and it gives me a chance to recharge.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter thirteen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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