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Comfort Zone: Step 11

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The key to success is being able to leave our comfort zone. The average person is not able to do this, so in order to have the success we want in our life, it is important for us to be above average. We must not avoid new experiences but embrace them. New experiences can be uncomfortable. It is very easy to talk ourselves out of them and walk away from them, but they are a step towards growth.

When we are put into new environments it shapes our character.  We should not blame others for our failures and we must demand more of ourselves.  If things do not go to plan immediately it does not mean that it will not happen.  We are given tests in life to see how committed we are in embracing opportunities for improvement. We can’t avoid ups and downs or always control the results, but how we handle them is a measure of our character. If we are not true to ourselves and follow our own path, we will not move forward and will not grow. Young children do not understand the concept of failure. Babies learn to crawl, then walk and are not scared if they fall the first few times, otherwise they would never learn to walk.

My Action Plan:

I am going to write a list of activities that I have avoided because they take me out of my comfort zone.  I then consider each item on the list on how I could benefit from them. I prioritise them and work down the list taking action on these activities.

My Fears:

Public speaking

If I conquered this fear, I will have gained a lot of confidence and improve my self-image, have the ability to help others by giving them information, teach others, enhance my social skills, keep the attention of an audience, improve my self-esteem and improve my ability to communicate.

Meeting new people

Through meeting new people, I will improve my social skills, learn new ideas from others, I will come out of my shell and I will build new friendships and business connections. If the new people I meet are from different cultures, I will also learn from these new cultures which encourages diversity.

The unknown and new experiences

Going into the unknown and learning new experiences will increase my confidence, I will appreciate myself on what I can achieve, learn a new skill, gain more courage and I will grow. Learning from new experiences will encourage me to try out even more new experiences, it will also give me a positive outlook on life.


Provided I do not feel sorry for myself and feel bitterness and resentment, I will learn from disappointment that there are challenges in life and things do not always go to plan, I will learn from experience, improve my self-esteem and grow.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter eleven). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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