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Fear and Procrastination: Step 9

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At times, we all fall into the habit of worrying what people think. Stretching ourselves outside our safety zone is a huge step for us all. The most important thing to do in this case is to acknowledge our fear and go ahead and do it anyway.  Practice the action in our head and visualise our chosen outcome. The reality is, true friends will support our decisions so it is best not to worry about other people’s opinions.

That is so true of me. I also have a fear of failure. This is often what holds me back from success.

My Action Plan:

  • Acceptance:  If I am feeling fear and anxiety, all my energy is going to those feelings.  I will be without power.  I accept where I am at this moment in my life and once I feel relaxed I will be able to move forward.  If I judge myself, I will prevent myself growing.
  • Let Go:  Use my breathing to help me relax, focus on my exhales and say let go for 3 to 5 minutes.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter nine). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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