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The Importance of Self-Talk: Step 8

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The way we talk to ourselves has a massive impact on the way we look at life.  Negative self-talk is damaging to our emotional state.  Thoughts are just thoughts and we do not have to listen to the negative ones.  We all get stuck in a negative way of thinking due to something that was said to us when we were a child or at some point in our lives. Educating our mindset saves us from self-sabotage.  We must take control of our thoughts and take control of our lives.

My Action Plan:

I close my eyes and clear all thoughts from my mind. When I feel calm and relaxed, I think of what I want to achieve. I repeat it over to myself 30 times. I say to myself positive phrases such as; every day I am getting better and better, every day I am becoming more and more confident, every day I am becoming more relaxed and content, every day I am becoming more and more enthusiastic. I say this every night before sleep and every morning as soon as I wake up. I concentrate on one phrase at a time and repeat 30 times.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter eight). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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