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The Concept of Building a Team

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I never understood the concept of building a team and making a lot of money in a Network Marketing Business. I was always told, it is good to have 3 good people to start making a good income. I could not understand how this worked, or what this meant.

The more we have in our team the better, but we do not have to worry about large amounts of people initially, we can still build a successful business with a good income. This is the reality of Network Marketing. It is about helping others become successful with what we have learned and done ourselves.

The main aim is to sponsor 2 or 3 ‘good’ people and help them get off to a good start. When these team members have started to work their business, they can bring 2 or 3 people into their business and so on. The scenario with 2 good team members gives an idea of how many new people would be coming into the business and it goes something like this; 2 x 2=4, 2 team members bring in 2 people each, that increases the team by 4. When these team members go on to build their teams and bring in 2 people, it increases the team by; 4 x 2=8, then another 8 x 2= 16. With 3 good team members it looks like this; 3 x 3=9 when 3 people bring in 3 team members each, 9 x 3 =27, 27 x 3=81. Then having 4 good team members in the business, it increases the team by; 4 x 4=16, 16 x 4=64, 64 x 4=256. When we speak about ‘good’, these are people that are serious about building a business. Obviously, the numbers will vary in reality, but it gives a good idea what can happen when we decide to pursue the team building side of the business. We might have 2 team members and one of them brings in 1 person and the other brings in 4. Some team members might not want to do any team building and the other might want to do a lot, it depends. However, we must remember that everyone is valuable in a team, no matter how much or little they do.

In order for sales to generate we need customers to buy the products.  If our 2 team members have 50 customers each, that would be an increase of; 2 x 50=100 customers buying products. If their team members also have 50 customers it would be an increase of another; 4 x 50=200 customers, then 8 x 50=400, then 16 x 50=800 customers. The more customers each team member has, the larger the amount of customers and sales generated in the team as a whole. So we can imagine a team of 10 people having 200 customers each; 10 x 200= 2,000 customers. If the average purchases of these customers is £10 each per month; £10 x 2,000= £20,000. The team of 10 would have generated on average £20,000 of sales in the month. It is about having a lot of people doing a little bit. We can then understand, the larger the team, the larger amount of sales that is being generated. This is what makes an income in Network Marketing gradually grow. The more team members, the more customers. The more customers, the more sales generated.

However, it is difficult to teach lots of people directly under us. We want to work with the workers.  It is much easier to supervise 5 people rather than 100. So, the aim is for our team to build their own teams and for them to teach their team members and so on. This is what builds the residual income in Network Marketing. If we have large amounts of people to supervise, we can always ask other people in the business to help us. It is a business about help, support and teamwork.

The idea of Network Marketing is to start with small amounts, then build. Over time, these small amounts build into large amounts.

Failla, Don and Joe Hardwick. The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life, (Chapter 2), [Bloomington, IN]: 1st Books Library, 2000. Print.

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Do More: Step 20

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The way to success is to provide a service in a state of gratitude, joy and optimism. This can be difficult at times, but it is something we need to get into the habit of doing. We will not succeed in business if we do not help others get what they want. If we work feeling grateful, happy and positive, it will make people want to be around us, which will help our business whether we are dealing with staff or customers. Successful people help others and make a difference. The more we give to others, the more we will receive. When we do this, we will feel happy and fulfilled. Happiness and fulfillment will increase our productivity and achieve greater results. When we send out good thoughts, good thoughts will come back to us.

Patience is a great virtue. We never know exactly when our business is going to take off, so it is important not to doubt ourselves and give up. Trust in life itself as physical effort and helping others makes us successful.

My Action Plan:

I must stop worrying and stop being impatient so the natural goal achieving process will come my way. I must keep feeling positive and polite around customers because when I am not, I am not happy with myself.

1. If I think of a goal I want to achieve that I have been procrastinating because it is not happening fast enough. Recall what I said to myself and the negative tone I said it in.

2. I then say to myself that I will achieve this and I need to wait, be calm and patient. Things will come to me in a matter of time. I must work on my patience so it gives me time to get what I want.

3. I tell myself to remain calm and that everything is being done to give me what I want.

I will talk to myself using these 3 steps over a few days. I will use this method with each goal I make.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter twenty). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Personal Development: Review

Photo credit: symphony of love via / CC BY-NC-SA

During my time working on personal developmentI have noticed myself with a more positive, productive mindset and I am aware of the areas I need to improve.

I have learned what I am looking for out of life and the path I need to take to achieve my vision of financial freedom. I have to create different goals to achieve what I want and keep reworking them.

It is important to use my mind to enhance my expectations, my belief on what life will be like once I have achieved my vision and realising the power that the subconscious mind has over my thoughts. Through daily mental rehearsal, I can achieve a clear picture of how it will feel to have achieved the end result of my vision.

I have learned that taking action is important in achieving and using all my energy on important tasks. If I do not stay focused, it is easy to get distracted and fall into the trap of not doing the tasks I need to do. Generating more positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts will balance my life towards a more positive outlook. If I have more negative thoughts, I will have a more negative view of life. If I have more positive thoughts, I will have a more positive view of life. It is important that I focus on this to have a more positive balance.

Belief and how I talk to myself plays an important part in success. It is so easy to talk myself out of something. I have been doing this for years. Believing in myself and removing all those negative thoughts from the past is the step towards empowerment. How I view myself is what will give me a richer life. The most important ingredient for a richer life is my self-image and being really happy with who I am. I have learned that thoughts are just thoughts and I have to educate myself to not let them control my life. Negative things that were said to me in the past do not need to rule my mind and I need to say good things to myself on a daily basis. Negativity is a choice and I need to dismiss any thoughts that are not positive.

The fear of failure is something that has controlled my life for a long time. Instead of thinking to myself what can go wrong, I need to think what will go right. I must not worry about other peoples opinions and not worry about what people think. I have to accept myself for who I am, not judge myself and learn to love myself. I need my mind working for me, not against me. I have learned that failing does not necessarily mean the end. I just need to overcome failures and say ‘I need to do better’.

Leaving my comfort zone is an essential component to growth. This is an area that I find difficult. I have always felt safe in my comfort zone, but I know I need to move out of it in order to grow. This is an area for me that I think will take time, but I need to focus on how it will benefit me and how staying within my comfort zone will hinder me.

I have to pick myself up at times when things do go wrong, things going wrong happens to everyone. Use any setbacks as feedback and not something that will stop me in my tracks. Instead of focusing on failures I have to say to myself; How can I do better? How can I be more productive?  This is what I mean by feedback. Things I want in life are not always achieved immediately, they take time and the essential component is to stay on track. I will have to keep immersed in all my activities as when I have success in the things I do, it will make me happy. I have learned to keep motivated and not give up.

Managing my time will make my tasks more productive. I have to keep focused and finish all the tasks that I want to achieve. If I focus on completing a task before moving onto the next, this will help my time be more productive. Moving from one task to the other without completion will leave me without the sense of achievement as I will have many unfinished tasks to complete. This will also create stress and interfere with my focus. I have to put myself first and finish what I am doing at that moment, then move onto the next task.

The feeling of gratitude is important for my mind, body and spirit. Focusing on what I have in my life that is good and not taking up energy dwelling on what is bad will make me grow, as I will appreciate everything I have achieved. Being kind and considerate to others creates more trusting relationships and if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. Doing tasks in a state of gratitude and optimism will give me fulfillment. This will increase the productivity of my business. Most important, I need to have patience.

For me, some of these habits can be mastered quickly, but other habits will take longer. Daily exercise and implementation of these strategies will improve my mind and quality of life.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter twenty-one). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Leadership: Step 19

Photo credit: hang_in_there via / CC BY

We are all guilty of waiting for the perfect time to pursue our goals. The truth is, there is never a perfect time. If we wait too long, we will be too late to start achieving them. Waiting also dampens confidence. When we are afraid to do something, if we think that it is ok to fail, the fear of going ahead and pursuing it will disappear. The fear of failure is what prevents us doing something new.

We cannot wait for a leader to take our hand to make the first step. We must do this ourselves. We must ask for help, support and we need to be motivated. We will not always know where we are going or where we want to go until we start the process of moving towards what we want to achieve. We can then plan our path and our goals. Leadership is something that can be learned. We have to break away from the crowd. Leadership starts with self-discipline and all the great leaders are authentic, honest and are a good person. A good leader will lead by example, always do the right thing, care about team members as well as treat everyone with respect and be fair. These qualities will create trust. Believe in ourselves, our product, in other people and our business will progress. Cooperate, respect and share credit.

My Action Plan:

I am not the ideal candidate for leadership. It is something I really need to work on. I am learning to build my self-confidence. This is an important quality for leadership. The people that follow me have to be able to trust my judgement. My belief has increased over the past year which will give me the confidence I need. Taking action is another quality I need to build or I will never achieve results. I need to take responsibility for my success and be able to make the correct decisions. I have to learn what my team needs to succeed.

However, I have some skills that make a good leader. I am understanding of what people want and I am a good listener. I am patient, so I can control my emotions in situations that are stressful. Patience helps me to be understanding towards others. Working on my personal development is a great skill I have enjoyed doing that will build my weaknesses and enhance my strengths.

I think of myself as a person of great authenticity, sincerity, courage, integrity, passion and honesty. I feel happy with myself having these qualities. I feel how good it feels to be a good leader. I imagine all the positive things happening to my business such as, building a huge team and bringing out the best in each team member. I do this regularly and I will create the correct beliefs, habits and mindset of a great leader.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter nineteen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Resilience: Step 18

Photo credit: -Jeffrey- via / CC BY-ND

Failure does not necessarily mean a stop sign.  It is important to find a way to recover when we get knocked back. When we experience any failures, it is feedback on how we can do better. Successful people have qualities such as positivity, optimism and emotional management. We are entitled to feel the emotions that come with setbacks, but we should not make this a permanent state. We should build our character and have the strength to find resilience at times when things are going wrong. We are all in the same boat, we have to face major challenges, it is a part of life. Learn to overcome problems.

In life, we reap what we sow. This is a true statement. Our journey is in our hands. Each person is an individual. Everyone progresses at different stages. Some people are quicker to achieve success than others. It does not happen immediately, so we should keep working towards our goals.

My Action Plan:

In order to be resilient I have to connect with my vision, values and mission.

My mission: it is the path to accomplish my vision. My values: being true to myself as my values are what I believe in, my ethics and what is important to me. My vision: this is my goal of financial freedom.

It is really important to know my values. True happiness comes from living and acting within my values everyday. This is true of everyone. When we are happy, we do things better.

If I think of someone I respect most. I describe three qualities about that person that I admire. There are people who have come through so much hardship, they had a very difficult upbringing, suffered abuse. They do not let it hold them back from who they want to be. They do not sit around feeling sorry for themselves like so many people do. It is a choice to allow bad situations to ruin the rest of your life. They have optimism, positivity and they can manage her emotions. They have all the great qualities of successful people. These are qualities I really admire. This person I admire is Dani Johnson. She is a successful entrepreneur. She had an abusive upbringing, she was homeless, today she has a successful business and a happy family.

I have to work out my most important values. These are: happiness, optimistic outlook on life and a feeling of peace and contentment. I work out the three most important qualities I would like to be best known for. These are: inspiration, commitment and courage.

I have to replay my vision of financial freedom everyday. At the same time be mindful of my mission and values. My thoughts have to be detailed. I repeat this once a week. This will create a deeper meaning and greater sense of purpose in all the things I do.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter eighteen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Negativity: Step 17

Photo credit: symphony of love via / CC BY-SA

It is important that we break habits that are destructive in order to achieve success, not only in business, but in anything we do throughout our lives. They slow our progress and cause us to regress instead of progress. We have to think to ourselves that not all thoughts that pop into our head are true. Keep in control of our thoughts and actions, and adjust them if we are moving towards the negative. If a thought is not positive, then dismiss it. We want to be changing negative beliefs into positive ones and for this to become a habit. Shut down any negative thoughts quickly. We must always ask ourselves why we are doing something, because if we know the reason, we will be willing to do anything to succeed. There are no excuses, we have a choice.

My Action Plan:

I follow this process.

1  I have to think to myself; Who I have been in the past? What do I want to change? I was very critical of myself. I always thought negative about every situation. I felt I could never become successful and I had no motivation. I worry about the future and I felt angry about all my failures. I want to become a more positive person. Have the motivation to work hard and achieve what I want.

2  I highlight all my destructive emotions; FEAR: I feel fear at doing something new, outside of my comfort zone. WORRY: I worry about the future, if I can pay my bills, where I will be in a few years time. ANGER: I feel anger at my failures, if I could have done things differently. DEPRESSION: It makes me feel down when I think of the above emotions. I dwell on my mistakes.

I close my eyes and picture two roads. One is success and the other is failure. I think of a situation in my life where I fall into my destructive behaviour patterns. I feel that emotion. I then say STOP, picturing a stop sign. I feel how I want to feel now; How do I want to think and feel about this situation? What would I say? How do I talk to others with this new emotion? How do I act? I picture this situation with the new emotion and feel happy with it. I walk back from the stop sign and walk down the road to success. I see my vision on a billboard and it says ‘FINANCIAL FREEDOM’.

When I think to myself about my destructive emotions, feeling fear about moving out of my comfort zone only holds me back. I will try new things and think the ways it can benefit me. There is no point to worry. Worry gets me nowhere. I think to myself that I can pay my bills, I am in control of my future and my life will work out the way I want if I believe and have motivation. Feeling angry about the past does not change anything. I need to move forward and say to myself that what is in the past is in the past. I have to look to the future. Changing these emotions makes me feel happy and positive.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter seventeen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Failure: Step 16

Photo credit: Celestine Chua via / CC BY

We all fail at something at some point in our lives. There is no success without failure so it is important that we bounce back from disappointment.

The most successful people have failed until they achieve success. We learn from failure. Failure is feedback. It is part of the process of working towards success.  We should not be afraid to move outside our comfort zone as success is around the corner.  It is the road to possibilities and opportunities.  The stumbling blocks in our life have to be seen as stepping stones and moving forward, even though we might feel that we are being pulled back. The most successful people turn stumbling blocks into opportunities. Self-pity is a waste of time so we should train our mind to deal with disappointments. When we come up against a stumbling block, it means the time is not quite right and we need to work that little bit harder to achieve success. If we have to work hard to achieve what we want, we will appreciate what we have. It makes us stronger people.

My Action Plan:

1  I need to ask myself on a daily basis:

How can I do better today and make my day more productive? Write a to-do list on everything I need to do that day and prioritise each task in order of importance. Tick off each item as it is completed and anything I have not managed to do that day, can be done the next.

Where or what is the opportunity? Retailing products, time on the phone looking for new sponsors, working on personal development, achieving my vision of financial freedom, the ability to buy what I want without having to worry.

Am I prepared to do everything necessary to make it happen? If I stay focused and work hard, I can achieve anything I want. If I keep positive, it will help me when things do not work out the way I want.

2  I need to repeat on a daily basis:

I have everything in order to be successful.

I can and I will find a way to achieve success.

I will accept failure as feedback and not as a setback.

I will get better each day if I keep working on my personal development and work towards my goals.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter sixteen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Gratitude: Step 15

Photo credit: Nakeva via / CC BY-NC-ND

We all take things we have and people in our lives for granted. The truth is, we take for granted the things we love the most and that are most important to us. We are so busy dwelling on the things we do not have, we forget to be grateful for the things we do have. We need to be grateful for our families, friends, children, job, health and what we own. Ways to lift our mood and feel more confident is to list all the good things we have and the people in our lives. We will attract more good things our way if we get into the habit of dwelling on gratitude rather than failure.  It will keep us in a positive mood and frame of mind. If our brain is working in a more positive state, it will enhance our mind, body and spirit. We will have more enthusiasm, motivation, determination to achieve what we want. Our levels of stress will lower.

Many people who have achieved great wealth and have a fantastic way of life are still unhappy because they do not recognise the great things they have and are not grateful for them.  They have forgotten what it is really like to be without these things. So if we want success in life, we have to grow, being grateful ensures growth. We have to focus what is great in our business and our lives. The brain needs to be rewired into a state of gratitude.

3 Levels of Gratitude:

1  Past events we need to be grateful for as they have made us the people we are today.

2  Feel gratitude for the things we have now that we own.

3  Continue to believe those good things will come to us in the future.

If we continually think about being grateful, we cannot think bad thoughts and that good will come our way.

My Action Plan:

Every day, I think about the good things I have in my life. I choose 3 things, no matter how small. One from the past, one from the present and one from the future. Over a period of 21 days, my brain will have got into the habit of looking for the positives in my life rather than the negatives.

As well as thinking about what I am grateful for, my gratitude can be shared with my family and friends through telling them how grateful I am to have them.

Things I am grateful for; my health, my family and my friends health, my ability to work and that I have a job, I have a roof over my head and food on my plate, I live in a country with good health care and education, my disabled son is well looked after, I have friends that accept me for who I am, my qualifications and I have the tools to have a successful future.

I feel that when I am grateful, I am less envious of others because I have wonderful things in my own life. I am also less materialistic, which gives me the patience to work towards my goals. I write everything down that I am grateful for so I do not forget.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter fifteen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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Manage Time: Step 14

Photo credit: Vincent_AF via / CC BY-SA

Time is valuable to us all. An important quality of successful people is time management skills. Successful people protect their time, their energy and their focus. Learn to say no as we have a habit of wanting to please everyone and to keep the peace, as a result end up compromising ourselves. It is impossible to please everyone, so at times we will need to put ourselves first. This is especially important in a business scenario. It is not about being cruel to people, but it is about learning to say no when necessary and not feel guilty. It is important that we give ourselves the right to say no. We only need to give our main reason why and we can always offer an alternative option to the person we are saying no.

Avoid distractions when performing important tasks. Saying no to ourselves will maintain our boundaries and stop us wandering off course from our tasks. It will make us have a good balance between work and play. We cannot waste time on people who do not appreciate our time or who will not use it wisely. It is wasting our time as well as theirs.

My Action Plan:
I will write a yes and no list. I will be strict with myself when it comes to items on my no list and prioritise items on my yes list. In order to move myself forward, I need to say no to activities that do not help me grow. I will not waste my time on activities that are not productive. I will keep focused on my lists and tick off each activity as it is completed.

Activities that I need to spend less time doing and put on my no list are; watching television, time on facebook that is not productive, personal grooming, watching movies, worrying, talking negatively to myself and about myself, spend less time with people who do not make me feel good, window shopping and unnecessary journeys in the car.

Activities that I need to spend more time doing and put on my yes list are; positive time on facebook connecting with friends, family and business activities, eating healthy food, laugh more, spend time in nature and the outdoors, talking positively to myself, reading self-improvement books, try something new to build my confidence, spend time with loved ones, keep working on my goals, connect with positive and successful people, keep working on my personal development, keep visualising my vision, deal with important emails, keep on top of my calls to prospects, advertise products, do things that make me happy, write a list each day of the things I need to do and plan any journeys so I do not waste time on unnecessary travel time.

Writing my yes list and no list will enable me to be more productive. I will recognise what I need to do and what I do not need to do. My time will be more structured and it will also prevent me from becoming overwhelmed with my activities.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter fourteen). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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