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Belief: Step 5

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As human beings we are our own worst enemy.  We focus on the bad, create problems that do not exist and as a result miss out on opportunities.  Belief is what dictates our health, happiness, success and failure.  It also dictates the quality of our relationships. Successful people learn from every experience in their life whether it is good or bad. Most of us talk ourselves out of situations, because of this we ruin every good opportunity we are offered and to be honest it is not that difficult to find negativity in anything we do. We are conditioned as children to focus on the bad and make life difficult so we need to start dwelling on the positive.

We need to take action.  Think what we want, what we have overcome and replace negative beliefs with ones that will empower us. Fears come from childhood experiences that we carry into adulthood. We can choose whether we let these experiences affect our lives.

My Action Plan:

I have to identify problems and not let them control me. I don’t need other peoples approval and be honest with myself.

1 What are my limiting beliefs?

Not smart enough, having children to hold me back, it is hard to make money, I am afraid of rejection, I am not a good leader, I cannot make money doing something I love, I can’t do this.

2 Where these limiting beliefs came from?

Growing up with limiting beliefs that were imposed on me from others.

3 How they have limited my life?

They have made me afraid to move forward and take up new challenges.

4 How they affect my quality of life?

My life is not as rich and exciting as it could be.

5 How do they affect my finances?

My income has not grown and stayed the same.

6 How does it affect my relationships?

Not had as much fun and exiting experiences with friends.

7 Why I must change?

To expand my business, live a life with more memorable experiences and have a positive outlook of the world.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter Five). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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