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The Professional

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In any business, working our way to the top takes time and effort. In today’s world, we have to think about adapting to the new economy. We have to look for new ways to earn money. Change is essential as there are many jobs that are not required to the same extent today. Cashiers in supermarkets are being replaced by machines and call centres are replacing their staff with automated messages. Network Marketing is one way of surviving in today’s world, but we have to take responsibility at running our own business and work for what we want.

To aim for success in Network Marketing or any business we have to aim high. We have to learn the skills of success and practise them in order to improve. Learn, learn and learn the skills we require as well as treating it like a profession. If we do this, we will have made a good career choice. Too many people hope for success rather than use their initiative.

The structure of Network Marketing is the same for everyone. It does not matter your sex, age, education or race, the most important factor is ourselves. Our upline introduces and provides the resources we need. It is up to us whether we achieve success. Learning the skills are vital and unfortunately we do not make money for learning the skills, but learning is essential on how much we will go on to earn eventually. The more skills we have, the more we will earn. Take full responsibility, the system is not difficult to learn.

The first step is finding prospects. We have to think of every person, it does not matter their age, if we are close to them, write them down. Second, from this list we must think of any people they know. Third, keep adding to the list, every new person we think of, add them, any new people we meet, add them. Fourth, go out and about, meet new people, add them to our list.

In order to invite prospects to understand the opportunity we have to offer, we have to learn the system and study the successful people. Build relationships and let these successful people educate us on how to be successful. Use tools such as CD’s, DVD’s, online presentation videos, go to meetings and train to build our knowledge. Build trust with others. This is what we get out of meetings, there is face-to-face interaction. We must invite our prospects to the business through videos, webinars and CD’s. The skills in Network Marketing are very simple, we have to get a large group of people to do a few simple things consistently over a period of time. When we are inviting people to the business, it is important that we detach ourselves emotionally from the outcome. Our main goal is to educate them as well as understand them. After all, it is a suggestion to live a better life. Don’t focus too much on new customers or distributors, otherwise people will sense that and run away as they will feel pressured into making a decision. An important rule is to be ourselves. People will appreciate that. Be passionate, enthusiastic, have a strong posture, be bold, confident and strong. Keep busy, people are attracted to this and compliment them on their strengths.

When presenting the opportunity, direct the prospect in the right direction and we should not present ourselves as an expert. We are there to provide them with the tools they need as well as bringing a bit of excitement, enthusiasm and belief.

When following up, do what we say we are going to do. In other words, be at appointments at the time we state, be on time as people’s time is precious.

When helping potential prospects, the goal is education and understanding. We are helping them make a decision that would change their lives. We are trying to help, not trying to convince them to join. Our belief in the opportunity can benefit them greatly. Have everything that they need to get them off to a good start. When they ask questions, listen to them and help with their problems.

When helping the new distributor get started, guide them through the different steps of the business. Make them aware that it is up to them whether they are successful or not, but that we will work with them to help them succeed. They have to become independent to build their own business to get the results. Promote events and emphasise that there are great benefits in attending.

The important message to learn is that anything really worthwhile is going to take time. We have to improve ourselves and in order to earn more, we have to become more, as it is a learning experience. Study the correct information, as the top people in network marketing are people who read. We should not let anything distract us and if we wish to improve on a certain area we have to do more of it. The best way to learn is to teach it to others. Spend time with people who we want to be like and disconnecting ourselves from people who are negative. This is essential as negative people will prevent us from growing. We have to associate with those that can help us become a better person, that will push us to our goals and inspire us. Working hard and being consistent will give us the success we want.

In the end it will be worth it, we will have created a career with work that is fulfilling. We don’t have to compromise, as long as we have done the work we need to do, we can work when we feel like it, get up when we want, we will not have to travel in rush hour traffic and we will be able to spend time with people who are of a great importance in our life such as family and friends. We will be helping others to do the same, we will get to travel and go on trips around the world. This is financial freedom.

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