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Action: Step 4

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What is the action I need to take?
I will commit to follow in the direction of my vision by following my heart and my dreams. Action needs to be taken in order to change my life. Having something to aim for and strive for that gives me a sense of purpose. Write small daily goals and have the motivation to improve. Saying ‘someday’ is not enough, I have to do more, perform better in order to get faster results. Keep using positive self-talk to keep me in a good frame of mind. Keep focused without petty distractions that use up my energy. Keep tasks productive and set specific times for relaxation so I keep moving towards my goals the rest of the time. I will take time with the people I love to give me a break from my hard work.

My Action Plan:
My main focus has to be doing tasks for by business. I feel the early days are hard as I don’t have my success to keep me going, but I must remember why I am doing this. If I continue and don’t give up I will get the results I am looking for. Once the momentum builds it becomes a lot easier. I am going to take 7 action steps. If I don’t complete them on that day, I will do them the next day, but I have to prioritise which ones can be left to the following day. I will start at action step number 1 and proceed to number 2 once I have completed number 1. I will make this my daily habit and tick off each as I do them. This will give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

7 Action Steps:
1 Post to my selling group daily; products, interactive posts and recipes.
2 Think of any new goals that I have to do to work towards my vision as well as visualising my vision.
3 Keep building my customer numbers in my online shop by posting in external selling groups and keep on top of catalogue drops to keep increasing my customer numbers in my customer base.
4 Deliver and pick up catalogues, deliveries to customers, order products for customers.
5 Work on personal development through reading a little each day, taking notes and putting into practise.
6 Phone calls, check emails, check contact manager for new prospects and follow up any from the previous day.
7 Appointments and telephoning team members; telephone the prospects that I have booked appointments and follow up on any from the previous day, keep an eye on how my team members are doing and telephone them to offer tips for improvement.

O’Connor, Dave. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion, (Chapter Four). United Kingdom: Dreams Publishing, 2015. Print.

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