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My Vision: Step 1

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What is my vision?

I find it difficult knowing what I want out of life. I am aware I want to live a more relaxing life, less stress and at a slower pace. In order to achieve this success, I need to make positive changes. These changes need not be big but, they can be done a little bit each day. What holds me back from achieving is low self-esteem and low confidence. I need to believe in myself and aim high in my achievements. These changes must be habitual and I need to focus on positive things rather than negative. I have to seriously imagine what I want. The quality is everything. If I design my perfect day it will be a step closer to achieving my vision. Then, I can move towards the path that helps me accomplish it.

My Action Plan:
First is to think five years ahead and picture how I want to be living. What do I do? Where do I live? How do I feel? Then, I must think of a clear and detailed account and write it down. Keep it in my mind and enjoy for a few minutes. My vision has to make me feel excited when I think about it. This is essential as these increased energy levels of excitement will spur me on towards achieving my goals.

In 5 years I generally want to have a good work and life balance. This involves my business being successful and being able to pay bills with no worries, having a happy married life and having time for relaxation and recreation. I want to make money passively with very little effort. In other words, I don’t trade time for money. I want to be completely mobile and live exactly where I choose. I am not motivated by lots of things to be honest, so I feel my time is what is important to me as well as living in a home of my choice without adhering to a budget. My life will not work around time schedules for example; work at 9 am, lunch at 12.30 pm, home at 5 pm. I want to be more flexible, take the day as it comes and not be dictated by alarms, bells and clocks.

Goals I would like to achieve has been put on my vision board. I want to own my own property, have a holiday home abroad and be able to go on holiday a few times a year. Spending time with the people I love is also very important. This does not cost anything, but it is about having balance and harmony in my life and not just about material things and work. Balance is essential for my well-being.

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