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The Art Of Wealth And Happiness

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We are all looking for something better out of life. Here are 7 strategies that will make it more productive and fulfilling.

We all need something to motivate us. Goals are very important for motivation. The more detailed our goals are, the more successful we will be and the more money we will earn. Our environment plays an important factor that affects our views of life. Our friends, the school we went to, our parents, where we live. Events in our life also play a role. Despite our different environments we have grown up in, we all have the same power to dream. We must define our future clearly or we will feel apprehensive about the future. The clearer our goals are defined, the harder we will work on achieving them. They are what motivates us. Have good goals.

We should seek knowledge in the area we want to be successful. If it is happiness, study happiness. If it is success, study success. We need to study the area first, then put it into practise and use a diary to gather ideas. If we study other people’s lives in the field we are interested, learn lessons from our failures, study the negatives in our life as well as the positives and learn from experience our knowledge will be increased greatly. Reading books and listening to CD’s will be a great influence as we are what we read. Feeding our minds with positive information, listening to the advice of successful people, observing what successful people do in managing their money and lifestyle and investing in our future by setting aside money each month to buy books will increase our knowledge.

Unless we change the way we are, we will never move forward and we will always have what we have got. Giving  value to the work we do makes the difference. Being productive and getting rid of limiting thoughts such as procrastination, blame and excuses. Facing our own failures and changing things if they do not please us will help us move towards our goals.

We should not spend more than we earn.  We need to manage our finances wisely and avoiding spending more than 70% of our income. Paying our taxes first is something that we all hate doing but taxes are essential for repairing our streets, paying for police, fire, hospitals, etc. Be a happy taxpayer.  We should use 70% after tax income for paying for our necessities and luxuries. Of the 30% that is left, we should give 10% to charity, 10% for buying our equipment and products for our business and the last 10% can be savings.

Time is precious so master time well. We need to keep our time structured, balanced and not waste time on insignificant tasks. On the other hand, not to become a workaholic. If we work at times when we are most energetic, if it is in the morning, doing our most taxing tasks then, will help us get most out of our time. Leaving our smaller projects for times when we feel not so energetic will help us to complete the most difficult tasks at the best times of the day. Using the telephone at our convenience and avoid answering calls when we are doing something important will help us manage our time. We should let the answering machine pick up the message and phone the caller back when we are available. Also we should avoid answering the telephone during family and leisure time. Calling people back later and using a calendar to track all our expenses, meetings, appointments and ‘to do’ lists will help us plan each and every day.

Surrounding ourselves with winners will  influence us greatly. We have to think if our major associates are positive and constructive or negative and destructive. We need to separate ourselves from destructive people. If we are unable to break away completely, limit the time we spend with them.

Finally, live well. We should spend time with the people we love and be happy with what we have while pursuing the things we want. If we are not happy today, we will never have the patience to be a better person. It is essential that we live our life in balance with love and friendship.

Jim Rohn, 2013. 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher. 2nd edition Edition. Harmony.

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